How do you deal with a coworker?

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That's not a very detailed question, but you should probably deal with a co-worker just as you should deal with anyone else; with professional courtesy and respect. And since he's only a co-worker, you only have to do it eight hours a day.

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Q: How do you deal with a coworker?
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How do you deal with an angry customer or coworker?

If you have an angry coworker, you need to try and just ignore them and talk to your supervisor about them. If you have an angry customer, you need to give them what they want.

What should yo do when a coworker complains of your choice of perfume?

You tell him or her to deal with it, cuz you ain't changin!

Can a coworker sue another coworker?

Hiring that coworker

What if you see a coworker doing a drug deal at work?

Report it to your boss but tell the boss you want to remain anonymous.

How should I deal with a evil coworker?

Visit and see if they are a (serial) bully would be a good start. Even if they are not, it will give you some good tips on how to deal with this person.

How would you deal with a coworker who broke policy?

If they broke a policy, you need to give them a warning. If they break the policy again, you can fire them.

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