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The involved party presents evidence to prove or refute the claim being made. Plaintiffs and defendants do not "deal" with each other, that is an issue for legal counsel and the judge. If the parties are representing themselves (Pro Se), they communicate with the judge not each other.


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Be grateful they do not remember you

Wear protective gear and run!

Get as far away as possible as soon as you can!!!

You cannot. You simply cannot.

Two word for dealing with her -- NO CONTACT!

no contact is the best way,,,unless you like the abuse....

Get as far away from them as possible and never look back.

There is an excellent source for dealing with narcissists at:

yes they do mine assaulted me 3 times last time strangling me going through a court case at the moment anyone know what to expect from a narcissist in the court room who is pleading not guilty and you having to testify

The new deal programs that were challenged in court were withdrawn.

A narcissist would not want help because he or she would not think there was anything wrong. Therefore, you can't help a narcissist; even when a narcissist is court ordered into therapy, there is little a professional can do to help a person change this personality type.

Just live your own life and don't expect anything from them...if they are aggressive passive remember is not YOU is Them.....

If the visits are already court ordered, see if the court can also provide a mediater so that you do not have to be anywhere near the "narcissist" when having the visits. If the court can not provide you with this nessesary service, find an agengy, a trusted freind ANYONE but yourself. Good Luck

If the narcissist regards you as a potential future source of narcissistic supply, he will seek to compromise. If he has given up on you as a source of supply - he will fight you tooth and nail.

The state court deal with issues of the law

You leave. There is NO dealing with this sort of person. And seek counseling for yourself ASAP.

You are saying narcissist ex. If he is your ex he is not cheating on you and why would you care if he is your ex. Forget about this and move on with your life. If you think that this is cheating on you - better think again and also know that this will go on and on.

Get legal representation that understands narcissists and can call their bluff.

Few cases are heard by the supreme court unless they deal with a compelling constitutional issue.

Sometimes not at first because a narcissist likes drama and likes to be around special people in order to feel special vicariously. But if and when she becomes too much for him to deal with he will leave. A narcissist really needs submissive women. Women they can dominate and control and get "Narcissistic supply" heart they are insecure cowards!

The supreme court opposed the New Deal, because there were nine members in total, and seven were Republicans. The Republicans did not agree with President Roosevelt's New Deal laws.

The bankruptcy court will deal with ALL your assets.

There is every hope. Don't ever allow them to spend ANY time alone with the narcissist and protect them from their criticisms and reaffirm their self worth and value if the Narcissist gets to them. if things get bad, just stop taking the children. Their emotional, psychological and mental protection is paramount.

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