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How do you deal with an ex boyfriend who is upset over another girl who wants nothing to do with him and pushes me away unless he's drunk..he tells me he misses me and loves me. how do I make him see?

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September 18, 2007 8:17PM

Unfortunately it sounds as though he uses you - the best thing

would be to distance yourself from him. He is obviously be moving

on with his life and you seem to be dwelling on the past. Don't

allow him to use you, keep busy, move on and I think you will find

whatever you what to "make him see" will be better for both of you

in the end. ----It's just amazing, because it took him so long to

get over me and the problem was I kept letting him back into my

life even though he had hurt me so much. The problem was he knows I

will always be there for him to fall back on. We were each other's

first loves and first everythings. But i gave him too much and did

too much for him and so I guess when you're so young you don't

realize it and take it for granted and that's what he did. For some

reason, I am still doing too much for him and I know I am and

that's why it is pushing him away. If I showed him I wasn't still

in love with him, it would kill him, I think. I still talk to his

family and everything too along with him. Just our break up was so

hard for both of us that it's hard to just move on for me. I think

it's easier for guys to move on cause they show that they aren't

hurting and want to be tough. I guess in time, he will realize that

I was always there for him and always loved him and he'll regret

it. But for now, I know I need to move on. I just have been having

the hardest time cause I know he's not 100% over me and it's hard

to let go and give up on somebody you love so much. I don't know, I

need help to like navigate all this and everything. Thank you



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