How do you deal with an insecure man?

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September 05, 2008 2:28AM

As a guy, don't waste your time, move on. It would be like doing body work on an old car that doesn't have value.

Well, if you love the man for being him, consider what makes him insecure. There are types of insecure men. The man who is not so insecure but knows when he is talking beyond the limits of people around them. In this case he becomes insecure when he has to stop and no-one wants elaboration, so try listening and asking him questions.

Next there is the man that is so used to people taking the drop your losses approach as mentioned before. It comes down to the partner, if you love him then nurture him.

Remember, people are creatures of self fulfillment. Consider yourself, what do you do that makes you happy, what hints do you drop for him to pick up on. All people do it. For example. Does he make you a cup of coffee in the morning because he knows you like it? If he started that routine then obviously it him trying to show you what he likes. Perhaps focus on these hints and he will begin to open up to you even more. == ==