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As a guy, don't waste your time, move on. It would be like doing body work on an old car that doesn't have value.

Well, if you love the man for being him, consider what makes him insecure. There are types of insecure men. The man who is not so insecure but knows when he is talking beyond the limits of people around them. In this case he becomes insecure when he has to stop and no-one wants elaboration, so try listening and asking him questions.

Next there is the man that is so used to people taking the drop your losses approach as mentioned before. It comes down to the partner, if you love him then nurture him.

Remember, people are creatures of self fulfillment. Consider yourself, what do you do that makes you happy, what hints do you drop for him to pick up on. All people do it. For example. Does he make you a cup of coffee in the morning because he knows you like it? If he started that routine then obviously it him trying to show you what he likes. Perhaps focus on these hints and he will begin to open up to you even more. == ==

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Q: How do you deal with an insecure man?
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Can a Scorpio man be insecure about his penis?

Regardless of the star sign, a man can be insecure about his penis.

How do you deal with insecure wife?

To deal with an insecure wife, you will need to help her to feel secure. Remind her that you love her often and make sure that you do not lie to her about even the smallest thing. You will have to build trust between the two of you.

What kind of man belittles.yells and calls his wife names?

Such a man is an inadequate and insecure control freak.

Why the man you love keep asking if you love him?

cause hes insecure...

How does one deal with an insecure man?

An insecure man is dealt with in the same manner as one deals with an insecure woman. In each case the insecure individual needs to be presented with the irrationality of the things they are saying and/or doing. This may or may not lead to their adjusting their words or actions, because their insecurity exists in the first place because of a weakness in his or her mind which he or she is unable to strengthen. The logical presentation of their fault is likely to be invisible to their conscious mind. But ultimately, the person's insecurity will cease to be a burden to themselves and to those they encounter only when their pretense is revealed and the discomfort of embarassment drives them to perform the difficult mental growth they have avoided.

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He went from a man insecure about speech to the leader of the Israelites.

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When a guy says that if you are insecure it will not work?

Insecurity is a sign one is not mature or independent and someone who is insecure can smother the mate they are with. There for this young man is saying he needs someone he can rely on who does not smother him with her insecurities.

Why are women generally insecure about a man's past?

Not all women are. If someone is insecure about another person's past, it's that they feel that they'll never be as good-emotionally, sexually--and that they will disappoint the other person, or that the other person will wish that they were back with the ex. Sometimes they are insecure about their physical appearance in respect to the ex's looks. Not all women are insecure about a man's past and it would depend on the past. If it's just the women he has had relationships with, then SHE is the one who is insecure because she's not happy with herself or confident as she should be. Not all women are like that. Because she is scared the past will repeat in the future.

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root word of insecure?

Would the sentence she is insecure have a verb with a direct object?

"She is insecure" does not have a direct object. "Insecure" is an adjective describing the subject "she".

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