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If possible remove affected layer, (mulch, grass clippings, etc.). Water in the early a.m. Do not over-water. The top of the soil should dry out between waterings. Some fungi are hampered by sprinkling with organic cinnamon.


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Unless you ate a great deal of mold, the worst that can happen is you may vomit. A bit of mold on some bread for instance is harmless.

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Farmers spread grains on ground so that the moisture doesn't mold it... I hope i am right

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mold is a multicellular fungus.

form_title=Test Your Home For Mold form_header=If you suspect mold damage, you can have it tested. What types of mold are you testing for?=_ Where is the mold at?=_ Do you know what caused the mold?=_

It could develop in your house as a result of having the same problems with drainage at ground level or in a basement. If you live in an attached home, you could have shared walls and roof with mold.

Yes mold is a type of micro organism. Mold is a threadlike variety of fungus that grows throughout nature wherever there is dead organic matter. Individual mold organisms are virtually invisible; mold becomes visible only when a mold colony forms. A mold colony is an unusual biophysical entity because all the mold in the colony unites to form a single integrated organism rather than a collection of individuals such as a yeast colony or bacteria colony. For what it's worth, molds, yeasts and other fungal organisms inhabit a middle ground between plants and animals, but are more closely related biologically to animals than to plants. Be a good sport; take a mold to lunch.

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Air conditioners can make you sick because they tend to grow mold. Anytime moisture is involved in a process, it is a breeding ground for bacteria and mold. This can be pumped into the air and give you allergies or a respiratory infection.

If its sitting on the ground it is no big deal at all.

Fungi Mold is also called the Kingdom Mold.

The population of Rosenburg-Mold is 959.

Yes, mold is a kind of mold. They are some members of a group mycology according to taxonomy.

there is the right amount of moisture in the ground and the air and the ground has lots of good nutrients for the plants that live and grow there

Mold grows on potatoes, not fungus. The species of mold is the Lard Poo Mold species

A cast is the filled in copy of the mold and the mold is empty

mold is not a bacteria. mold is a fungus and it spreads by spores.

Mold can be beneficial or not, depending on the type of mold and where it is growing.

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