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Why HAVE you be doing this? Can't answer your question unless we know why you have jumped in the past.

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What is the present perfect tense of hop?

I/We/You/They have hoppedHe/She/It has hopped

How many syllables in hopped?

There is only 1 syllable in hopped

Is hopped a noun?

Hopped is an action word therefore it is a verb.

What is the antonym word for hopped?

The antonym word for hopped is land

How do you spell hopped.. As in the frog hopped onto the it one p or two?

You have it spelled correctly - 'hopped'.

What pronoun do you substitute Kay with in following sentence A jackrabbit hopped by Ty and Kay?

A jackrabbit hopped by them.A jackrabbit hopped by Ty and her.

Is hopped a word?

Yes. For example: The rabbit hopped around the field.

What part of speech is the word hopped?

Hopped is a past tense verb.

Need a sentence with word hopped?

The rabbit hopped right out of his burrow.

Is hopped past present or future?

"Hopped" is a word used in past tense.

What nation island hopped in World War 2?

Japan and the US Island hopped around the Pacific.

What is the adverb for hop?

hopped ??

What is synonym for jumped?


What is the subject and the verb on this question He hopped a freight train and headed west?

The subject is he; the two verbs are hopped and headed.

What is the present participle of hopped?

Hopped is the past tense and past participle of hop. The present participle of hop is hopping.

What rhymes with popped?

hopped, bopped

Words instead of went?


Is hopped a verb or an adjective?


Past tense of hop?


How did the Hopi get in their homes?

hopped in. No, they had ladders.

Where are the syllables in hopped?

The word hopped has one syllable. This means the whole word is the syllable and so there aren't any syllable breaks.

Hopped is the what part of speech?

The word 'hopped' is a verb, the past participle, past tense of the verb to hop. The past participle of the verb also functions as an adjective.Examples:He hopped over the creek without getting his feet wet. (verb)He makes his own hopped beer in his basement. (adjective, describes the noun beer as made with hops)

What verbs start with the letter h?


How do you spell hop in past teense?


What is the past participle form of hop?

hopped. :)