How do you deal with people who call you ugly?

When someone that is cruel can't think of anything else to say they will generally pick on the looks of the individual by calling them ugly, fat, etc. Ignore them! Realize that there is no such thing as ugly and all of us can't be born a number 10 in today's society, but all of us have some wonderful features and personality is the #1 factor when we reach adulthood. No matter how pretty or handsome a person is if they don't have a good personality they have nothing! If they are in your face simply say, "I've found that when a person hasn't got anything intelligent to say they reduce themselves to name-calling or swearing and you fit into that category perfectly!" One of the most important things you can do for yourself - in general - is build your self-confidence. As long as you can feel good about yourself, the shallow comments of other people shouldn't bring you down. Stay away from people who offer only superficial criticism (as opposed to constructive comments); your friends should always be supportive. 'Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.'

I know how it feels to be called "ugly" and sometimes it hurts I don't care any longer what they say. What I am learning though is that you shouldn't care what people say because it does not matter. At the end of the day all of us in this world are beautiful and please don't let people bring you done with comments like those. Just always remember that everyone is beautiful in there own way and and those people that feel the need to call someone ugly need to look within their own soul. Beauty is skin deep; ugliness festers in the soul!

Have you heard this that 'what comes around goes around' so if they say you are ugly they are ugly as well. Remember everyone in this world is pretty or handsome. Besides its not what is on the outside that matters its inside and inside is the personality. If you have personality then you have the world. If they call you ugly pretend not to care and say whatever with an attitude, then maybe they will stop bothering you.

Hasn't anyone heard the song BEAUTIFUL by CHRISTINA AGUILERA? "I am beautiful no matter what they say words can't bring me down... I am beautiful in every single way words won't bring me down... so don't bring me down today." At least once in your life you will be called ugly. Everyone gets called it. But the point is that you can't let what they say bring you down. That's what Christina is saying... Don't let others get inside of your brain. They only tell you this because they are most likely jealous of something... everyone is beautiful in their very special way.... don't let anyone get away with telling you this... just remember to work what your mama gave you! BECAUSE YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL AND WORDS WILL NOT BRING YOU DOWN!♥♥

If you ever noticed, they might be jealous of something you have that they don't and they want.