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== == Hey just tell her friends you want them to f*cking stop it's bothering you and you don't care. I told that to my friends who were ignoring me and being mean and taunting me and I confronted them like I was really gonna hurt them if they didnt stop and I'm not a very big kid but its intimidating enough to tell them you mean business. == == It's none of their business and it's crass to say the least they are even bringing it up to you. Whether it was your fault or your ex girlfriends for splitting up it's still no one's business. I suggest you get new friends. When I left my first husband I left our friends behind (half were for him and half were on my side) and find other friends. It's time to move on. Good luck Marcy

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Q: How do you deal with your ex-girlfriend's friends making comments to you about her new relationship that she left you for?
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