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How do you debeak chickens and turkeys?


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You debeak chickens and turkeys in the same way. First the animal must be dead and then you use a special machine.


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Yes, turkeys can and will often catch diseases from chickens. This is why it is advised to keep turkeys and chickens separate, this way the turkeys cannot catch the disease from the chickens.

No. Turkeys and chickens can run fast with their wings spread open. People have caught turkeys and chickens doesn't mean it is going to be easy, it is not easy to catch turkeys and chickens.

No you can't. The chickens have a disease that they can pass to the turkeys that can be fatal to the turkeys.

No, chickens and turkeys are both farmed for meat, but they are two different types of birds.

Chickens have a "pecking order." Greedy little buggers peck at others to get more food. Removing the beak keeps them from damaging other chickens.

The generic name for geese, ducks, chickens and turkeys is poultry.

Chickens, cattle, and turkeys. If you want to group chickens and turkeys together, then hogs would be third.

any other game bird with similar housing needs. be careful keeping turkeys and chickens together as the turkeys can contract blackhead disease from the chickens and die.

hens, chickens or turkeys

Yeah. Like chickens and turkeys

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No. They are two different birds.

They can and often do on small farms. Turkeys are fed a different type of feed than chickens but both birds will compete for whatever is available.

No. Turkeys are different animals than chickens though they are both birds.

no..but they do artificially breed turkeys to chickens

Depends on the type of farm, but some of them might be: cows, chickens, turkeys, roosters, sheep, goats, pigs, cats, and dogs. On a farm you can find: Sheep Cows Pigs A Sheepdog Chickens Ducks Turkeys On a farm you can find: Sheep Cows Pigs A Sheepdog Chickens Ducks Turkeys

I have both white turkeys and chickens of various sorts. they were all raised together and get along quite well. i even have new pullets thatdont seem to bother the turkeys. i have two female turkeys and the only fighting they do is with each other.

I don't have any trouble with peafowl fighting with my chickens. They will fight with turkeys and pheasants though.

You can't raise turkeys and chickens together, as turkeys are so susceptable to disease. Keep turkey poults separate from any other animal.

Yes. Black bears will kill wild turkeys or chickens if they catch them, but they usually do not since wild chickens can fly.

There are a few ways to debeak a chicken. The best way to do this is to buy the machine meant for it.

Chickens, cows, turkeys, pigs, fish,

Animals such as kangaroos, turkeys, and chickens.

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