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Rear quarter, driver's side next to subwoofer adjacent to the fuel turn off switch there's an air ride turn off switch.

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Q: How do you deflate air ride for 2003 Lincoln navigator?
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Where is the air ride suspension relay on a 2003 Lincoln Navigator located?

the 2001 is behind the passenger side headlight

Where is 2003 Lincoln Navigator air ride relay?

It's located inside the front passenger wheel well (top toward the back of the well)

How to install o-rings on 2003 Lincoln Navigator air ride suspension?

There are several O-Rings. fill your info at the bottom page

Were is he air ride compressor in the Lincoln navigator?

Under the window washer tank

Why doesn't the air ride suspension for my 2003 Lincoln navigator air up?

possibly the height sensors came unplugged rear or front but that will dissable the pump.

How do you tell if air suspension is good on a used Lincoln Navigator?

Take it for a ride with some fat chicks

Your 2003 navigator front right suspension keeps goin out you had a 17 inch wheel on it and the rest 24 now it wont stay up?

It may your air ride system. Try converting the car. Go to and see if they can help. They helped me with my 2003 Lincoln Navigator problems, I'm sure they have something for you :)

Were is the air ride compressor module in the 99 Lincoln Navigator?

Under the windshield washer fluid resivour on the lefthand side.

Is a Lincoln navigator a good car?

No it's a good SUV very stylish and best ride out there as far as luxury and hanling.

How do you adjust the air suspension ride height on a Lincoln navigator?

I am pretty sure the dealer can do it or you can but a NGS scan tool or something similar.

What causes the air ride suspension to not deflate?

A faulty level sensor.

What is wrong when your 2000 Lincoln Navigator rear is low?

youre automatic air ride suspension went out it happens to alot of navigators/expeditions that came from the factory with rear air ride shocks

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