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1. Run Deckard's System Scanner (DSS)

2. Run the vundo and combo fix

3. Run Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

4. Run the anti spyware removal programs spybot

5 Run Superantispyware

6. Run a complete scan with free curing utility Dr.Web CureIt!

There are several web sights for free programs that can do that. I'm not sure which will work for your system, but one such program is made by Lavasoft. It's called Ad-Aware SE.

AnswerYou can get rid of the Trojan horse , by following these steps .

1 Download and intall the Malwarebytes on your computer .

2 Update your Malwarebytes .

3 Scan your computer for all the malwares in your computer .

4 Remove all the malwares , found while scanning with the malwarebytes .

5 Restart your computer .

This will remove Trojan from your computer

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Q: How do you delete a Worm or Trojan virus from a vault and not set it free on the computer again?
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If the Trojan backdoor virus has been detected by your avg software and has been removed to the virus vault can you just delete it from the virus vault recycling bin or is it more involved than?

Hey if it is deleted it will again affect the computer so its fine to keep it in virus vault....................

Is it ok to delete the virus from the avg vault?

no its not the virus comes back up again look up .the file location and delete it urself and then delete from virus vault

How do you get rid of a virus detected by AVG named Trojan jorse clicker 3 au?

If AVG detected a virus it will be storing it in the virus vault. Go into virus vault and opt to delete the virus. Virus vault can be accesed from the main menu.

Can you delete the files in virus vault?

no is there a software to delete it

You have a Trojan locked in your avg vault can it escape?


Why can't you just delete all the files in your AVG Free Edition Virus Vault to remove a virus?

Usually it will work, but sometimes it will be formed again. Although you delet it using AVG, it will form again and again. In this case, see the file's location, and delete it yourself.

Why will avg not remove Trojan horse generic and how can it be removed?

AnswerMy AVG found Trojan Horse Dropper Generic, informed me and put it into the Virus Vault. (AVG said that it had 'healed' the virus ... oh yeah ?)I went into Virus Vault and manually deleted it by just using the 'Delete' button.Problem solved ... I think. So far, so good.- but the moment you run the scan, it will appear again.

How do you remove a Trojan horse called downloader.lookme.A when AVG can't remove it?

I had this same problem with a computer at work. AVG 7.0 wouldn't heal the infected files automatically or move them to the Virus Vault. I moved the infected files into the Virus Vault myself. You can do this in AVG. Once in the Vault, you can delete them. Don't delete if they are critical or actual system files. The infected files were simply temporary Internet files, but because they were in Windows\Temporary Internet Files\IE content (Windows98), they read as system files and AVG wouldn't touch them. I ran another couple of scans after doing this and the machine was clear. Hope this helps.

Removal of Trojan horse downloaderzlobedz Trojan horse generic2emv Trojan horse jarvaclassloader Trojan horse downloaderzloddwq all in virus vault?

If the virus are all in the virus vault, you are safe. i would recommend running a scan for more viruses. then if there aen't any you can safly remove the viruses. but before you do, make sure they didn't infect any important files.

In Petpet Park How do you delete clothes?

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What do you do with a computer virus in the virus vault in AVG?

You can leave it there or empty the vault. Either way, you are safe.

How do you empty the avg free version resident shield log containing 300 plus items when the virus vault is empty and has a delete button but there is no delete option within the virus vault module to?

You need to Re-Install Avg

How can you fix your computer from the viruses?

Depending on what Anti-Virus software you use will tell you where the virus is and also delete it and store it away in a vault. AVG one of the well known and partly free softwares that can be downloaded locates and can delete the virus. Hope this answers your question.

How do you remove Trojan horse Startpage 9 bl?

1. Disable System Restore "how to disable system restore" on google 2. Run AVG ( its free 3. Reboot 4. Renable System Restore Check your AVG vault for any viruses and delete them.

You have obfuskated downloader in avg virus vault how do you remove it completely?

When you moved the file to the AVG Virus Vault it was deleted from its original location, coded, and then saved in a non-executable file in a hidden folder. Your PC is no longer infected.If you are not missing any data file and your applications are running, then you can delete these vaulted files from the AVG Virus Vault. You can do it selectively: from AVG Virus Vault program-> select files -> right click on the selection -> Delete file(s).Or you can delete all AVG Virus Vault contents in one go: Open the AVG Control Center program -> right click on AVG Virus Vault component -> choose"Empty vault".

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How do you get rid of Trojan horse downloader Briss A?

IVE just updated my avg antivirus software and run it. It found downloader.briss and removed it to the virus vault.

How do you remove Trojan horse downloader wintrim AV?

The free anti virus software AVG 6 was not effective on the first try although it did detect the virus which Norton antivirus did not. After using the Windows XP system restore to go back to a date before the virus had installed itself the AVG6 still detected the virus but also allowed me to delete it by using the AVG 6 Virus Vault Delete method.

What do you do with the viruses trapped in your avg vault?

The purpose of the vault is to quarantine files that have been infected. In most cases, these are new files created by the virus or the actual virus itself, but certain viruses infect files that may be important to you. The vault allows you to quarantine the files so that they can be healed when a solution is found or submitted for analysis. In most cases you can simply delete vault files.

In your avg virus vault you have a wormdelffbq cwindowsjestertbdll it says it is infected backup you dont even know what this is can you explain what should you do with this you would appreciate if?

Leeve it, if it is a backup that is because you healed the virus, if you run out of room in the virus vault delete it.

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How do you get rid of a Trojan horse downloader agent SEO in the virus vault of AVG Free Edition?

I just ran a free scan with TREND MICRO Housecall 6.5 and got rid of it. In addition, it even fixes whatever mess this Trojan has left behind.

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