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How do you delete all browsing history?

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First, browsing history can be divided into histories of different browsers:

IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, Bing, etc.

Second, browsing history comprises: search history, browsed web pages, cookies, cache, auto recorded passwords, etc.

Most browsers are well designed that you can easily find the option for you to delete browsing history. Like in Firefox, Windows, click Tools, and you will see the option.







I did not do top half that the arrow is pointing 2 <3

Also if u have earthlink like i do hit tools and it will give you a bunch of options but when it does click Iternet options! it works trust me this answer helped me but i thought i would add on thank u so much i am only 12

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How do you delete Google history in iPad?

Delete all your browsing history in Settings -&gt; Safari -&gt; Clear History.

How do you delete browsing history on this website?

click 'safety' then 'delete browsing history' then 'history' and delete or just ctrl+shift+del

How do you delete all information on computer?

go to tools then delete browsing history then click delete all.

How do you completely remove your search history?

to delete you history you go to your tool bar and select "Delete browsing history" then you hit "Delete history" or "delete all"!!!

How do you delete Google browsing history?

you can delete browsing history in Internet Explorer by clicking on the tools button of the window and click delete browsing history. if you are using the Mozilla Firefox, you can simply press CTRL+ALT+DEL and the delete browsing history option window will appear then click on delete.

How do you delete browsing history from server?

go on customize and control Google chrome and go in history and clear all browsing data

Can you delete your browsing history?

Just go to Tools and hit the top botton, which should read "Delete Browsing History."

How do you delete history from the address bar?

Choose internet options toolbar and delete browsing history from drop down. Alternatively, type something in the addressbar, then delete by pressing the delete button. You can also download CCleaner from, to delete all browsing history, and then some other stuff.

How do you delete the history on Google?

Go to "tools" and select "delete browsing history."

How do you clear your browsing history on your toolbar?

Tools &gt; Delete Browsing History &gt; *Select your desired stored information you wish to be deleted* &gt; Delete History... &gt; Yes.

How do you delete history from internet?

If you are using Internet Explorer 8, click on "Safety", then "Delete Browsing History", select what you want to delete, then click OK and all will be done.

How do you delete the history on your nook?

Settings- Clear Browsing History

How do you permanently delete browsing history on Google Chrome?

by pressing delete

How do you get rid of Google search history?

In IE Explorer go to Tools&gt;Internet Options&gt; go to the groupbox browsing history&gt;delete...&gt;delete all...

How do you prevent someone from viewing your browsing history?

you delete it... By pressing Control and H at the same time and then pres clear history or on Internet Explorer you can go to Tools, then delete browsing history.

When you delete your browsing history and cookies is it permanent?


How do you delete browsing history on Google Chrome?

You can delete the history by using the shortcut key 'Ctrl + Shift + Del'.

How can you delete unwantade all broweser and computer history?

No if someone wants to find your browsing history they can, you may delete it off of your browser but it is encrypted deep inside your computer.

How do you delete url in website searches?

If you are using IEv8 these are the steps. 1.Click Tool 2.Click Delete Browsing History 3.Delete All

How do you delete only certain things from your search history on apple safari?

Go to the History option at the top of the page and select Show All History, select the one you want to delete then right click (option click) on it and select delete.If you don't want to keep having to do that then just select the Safari option then select Private Browsing and it will automatically delete the history when your done. It will delete ALL the history from that browsing period, or turning it off or when you restart Safari.

How do erase computer history?

go to tools and then click delete browsing history

Where on hard drive is browsing history?

Browsing history is stored in the browser itself. Click on Tools in the toolbar on top. Click Options in that. You can delete the history there.

How can one delete a Google search that they have done?

One can delete a search that they have done on the Internet by deleting their browser's history. It can be done on all browsers, by going to Internet options and pressing delete browsing history.

How do you delete history?

As I know, to delete web browsing history in Firefox: click Tools, there is an option that lets you to delete history files, that's it.Becareful to delete cookies!Note: browsing history can contain the search history, internet browsing history, cache, cookies, cache, auto complete form history, etc. If you have deleted the auto complete form history, and you have not remembered the password, then you can't enter that web site next time unless you have a new account.

How do you delete your history on a computer?

you go to control panel, network and internet, internet options, delete browsing history and cookies.