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How do you delete songs from an MP3 player when you can't seem to access them on a computer?

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If you want to delete them all, there should be some sort of format function for either the memory or hard drive. WOW this was helpful! Your kidding me right.

2008-05-12 15:51:52
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How do you delete songs on an mp3 that are recorded already?

To delete songs or files from an MP3 you need to delete the source on the computer. The user has to plug the MP3 player into the computer and then transfer songs from the computer to the player. Usually they use programs such as Napster or, for Apple products, ITunes.

How do you delete songs on your mp3 player when connected to a computer?

Depends on what type of MP3 player. Generally open My Computer find the MP3 and you should be able to locate the songs on there and delete them.

How do you delete the songs from your mp3 player?

I believe that you have to erase all your songs then add new ones or you can plug it into your computer then click on it then hit delete.

How do you delete songs off your Disney mix-max player?

You plug it into a computer and delete the songs. What is so hard about that? Sheesh, people these days.......

How do I delete songs on your mp3 player when connected to a computer?

I don't think that's possible, I have an i-pod which is of course a type of mp3 player and I have to delete my songs only by using the computer. I don't think it can be done any other way.

How do I delete songs off a Computer?

You can delete songs by going to the folder that they are saved in and delete the file. If you want to delete all the songs just delete the folder then.

How do you delete recorded songs from you mp3?

Sometimes you have to plug your MP3 player into your computer and just go on the software and delete it/ remove it.

How do you delete music from a ipod?

You have to delete the songs from iTunes on your computer first,then sync your songs.

How do you delete songs from an iPod?

Connect the iPod to a computer with iTunes, then delete the undesired songs.

How delete mp3 songs off of a mp3 player and it is a samsung yp-u2j digital audio player?

I dont have one. But is it possoble to connect the mp3 player to a computer and then go to Computer and open up the mp3 players file.You should be able to delete its songs from there

Can't delete songs from my RCA Lyra 5102?

To delete songs off of an RCA Lyra 5102, you need to first plug the player up to your computer with a USB cord. Go to 'My Computer', then open the RCA Lyra. From there, you can see all the songs you have loaded onto the player. Right-click the song you no longer want and select 'delete'.

When you delete all music from computer will it wipe all songs from mp3 player when you connect 2 computer again?

it shouldn't

How do you delete songs of a sansa m240?

how do i delete my songs off my mp3 player

How do you delete songs off an Itouch?

You have to go onto your computer and delete them from there.

Can you delete songs off a mp3player?

yes. Depending on the player you have you may only be able to do this if you format the entire drive. In setting you will find format memory. Remember this will delete all songs. Or if you have a good player you can plug it in to your computer ,find the removable disk icon in my computer, double click on that icon and somewhere in that folder you will find your music. Delete the songs you don't want.

How do you delete songs off of a mp4 player?

You plug it into the computer using the USB and then allow it to load on the computer. Then, you go to my computer, find it and click on it and copy and delete everything. It's just like using a flash drive.

How Do you get songs off mY iPod?

Plug it into the computer. Get on Itunes and check the songs that you want to delete. Then at the top of the screen hit delete. Or you can just delete them individually.

How do you delete songs from MP3 player?

right click on it and click on delete

Can you delete and replace songs on iPods and MP3 players?

On most MP3 players, including iPods, you can delete and replace songs when you have it connected to a computer. Most MP3 players won't let you delete songs without connecting to a computer. -DJ Craig

How do you delete songs DIRECTLY off your itouch?

You cannot delete songs directly off of your iPod Touch. You must connect to iTunes via your computer and delete it from there.

How do you delete built-in songs video and pictures from a Sandisk Sansa c250 MP3 player?

Just connect your player to your computer and view your players files from Windows Explorer and delete the unwanted files.

If you plug your ipod in someone eles computer will it delete your songs?

No but I'll add their songs

How do you add and delete songs on the ipod?

You have to dock it to a computer, and then you can drag songs to and from it using iTunes.

How do you delete music from a sony walkman mp3?

There are no menu options that allow you to delete music from a Sony Walkman mp3. However, you can connect the player to a computer and delete songs individually. Open up Windows Media player and select the Sony Walkman device. A list of songs on the Walkman will come up, highlight the song you no longer want, and click on delete.

How do you delete songs on an iPod Touch?

Songs cannot be deleted directly from the iPod. Connect the iPod to the computer using the USB cable, and delete the songs you want to delete in iTunes, then click the sync button.