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How do you delete songs on your ipod?


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January 02, 2010 1:48AM

Connect your ipod to your computer and go onto your itunes account. Under "my devices" click on your ipod and it will take you to a new page explaining capacity/space on your ipod. Near the top of that page there is a toolbar, click the one "music." Once your there, under sync music if it is checked sync "entire music library" switch it to sync "selected playlists artists and genres." That will give you the playlists, artists and genres that are in your library. Check off the ones you want to keep on your ipod. Leave the rest un-checked. After your finished click apply in the bottom right hand corner. The songs you have checked will stay on your ipod and it will delete the songs that were un-checked. (This does NOT delete songs from your library, only ipod.) (It works the same way with apps too.)