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Right click an empty portion of the taskbar, select properties, taskbar, customise, left click whichever icon you wish to remove and then set it to hide always. You cannot delete them, but can hide them permanetly.

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Q: How do you delete taskbar icons?
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The Taskbar is your gateway to the applications that are on your computer?

Taskbar holds icons for running applications on your system.

How do you remove unwanted icons from the taskbar?

Right-click the icon and select "Unpin from taskbar".

How do you delete unwanted icons from the taskbar?

Open each of the programs and you will find a tick-box somewhere that allows you to turn the taskbar icon on or off. When loading new software, it will ask you at a point in the installation if you would like to have a taskbar icon: Click No (Thanks

How do you add icons to the task bar?

How do you add icons to the taskbar? Well, when you add something like Hotmail it just shows up, but you can delete those by right clicking the mouse at the top and tha's what you do!!!

What icons should be pinned to my taskbar for default?

Whatever icons YOU choose to pin !... It's entirely up to you !

What is the difference between system icons and user defend icons?

This will show you how to turn a system icon on the taskbar on or off.

Where is windows explorer?

windows explorer is not the same as internet explorer. you use IE for browsing the internet and WE is used to access all your files. ie if you delete WE you will have no icons, taskbar or anything to view your files in

Does the window system tray contains quick launch icons?

No, the taskbar does. The system tray is also located in the task bar. Quick launch was removed in Windows 7, and replaced by a new taskbar that lets you pin icons to it.

Located on the right side of the taskbar; displays icons for running services?

System tray

What is Taskbar in MS Windows XP?

the taskbar is the bar which runs across the bottom of your screen. the bottom right is where icons for programs which are running usually appear.

If you delete icons will it speed up computer?

Not necessarely. You have to stop icons in the startup. That is the bar of icons in the bottom right corner. Then if you delete the icon, that doesnt delete the files, you will have to uninstall it from your computer by using my computer. ( i cant spell sorry)

How do you delete icons from your ipod touch?

icons as in apps? press and hold them then click the cross

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