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when it is saving take it out.

but be warned. it will delete all of your cheats for your action replay.

trust me i did it.

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How do you delete action replay cheats without using the action replay?

You can't.

What are some cheats for Pokemon heart gold not using action replay?

You need action replay to cheat.

Can I get a Milotic with cheats?

Sure you can, by using the Action Replay or GameShark.

How do you download cheats on to a Pokemon game?

By using a action replay

How do you get All pokeball cheats using action replay for platinum?

get the code

What are some cheats for Pokemon Heartgold without using action replay?

get arceus then the game is easy lol there is none with action replay

Nintendo dogs cheats?

i don't think there are any without using an action replay

Are there codes in the legend of Zelda the wind waker without using action replay?

no you really need an action replay to use cheats sorry but there is no other way

What is the action replay code to get shadow lugia?

i dont know, but you shouldnt be using cheats. im a serious gamer and not one who cheats!

Can you catch arceus without using action replay?

there was an event at toys-r-us but its over so no you cant catch him anymore without cheats or action replay

How do you install the action replay cheat onto the DS?

The action replay cheat system does not get installed on your DS. When you insert it and turn your DS on, it will load up automatically. Then, you take out the Action Replay (without turning off your DS), and insert the Game of your choice. You can then select cheats at your leisure. To add new cheats, you can either connect your Action replay to the computer (it must be inserted in your DS and your DS must be turned on), then by using the Action Replay software, you can drag and drop cheats into your DS. You can also add cheats by manually entering them into your Action replay. However, this is not recommended as it may take a long time to add large amounts od cheats.

Can you use action replay without the replay card?

If you mean the Action Replay card itself, then it depends, if you have a DS action replay, you may be able to take it out, the DSi action replay will not work. If you do want to do this on your DS action replay put the game you want to cheat on in the action replay, then turn on action replay and once you get to the page full of that specific game's cheats, close your DS, take out the action replay card, take out the game your using, and put it in the DS, when you open it up, it should still let you scroll through cheats, add cheats, etc. (Again, this doesn't work on the DSi action replay, and this may or may not work, they might've fixed the card, I got mine a while back.)

I need to know where to find cheats without using action replay or gameshark for LeafGreen?

simple answer: there´s NONE

How do you get Rayquaza on Pokemon diamond without cheats or migrating?

there is no way unless you consider using action replay not cheating

Is there any animal crossing wild world cheats not using action replay?

no soz only walkthroughs and tips. >=]

What does the disk that comes with action replay DS do?

The disc that comes with the Action Replay DS is the "Action Replay Code Manager". You can add, delete, and modify codes by using it. It is extremely helpful because you can just paste the long codes in there, instead of manually entering them. You can download the Action Replay Code Manager using the disc that came with it, or you can download it at Codejunkies. You can find out a tutorial on how to install the Action Replay Code Manager and how to add codes using it at WARC:

How do you get Mew using cheats but without using Gameshark or Action Replay in Pokemon Diamond version?

You can't. it's true. you can't sorry.

How do you get a jirachi with a action replay?

Don't use action replays. They're cheats and you miss out all of the fun of the game. you can get Jirachi by using Mystery Gift

Glitches for Pokemon platinum without using action replay?

Your question makes no sense. Cheats and glitches are not the same thing. If you want a glitch with Action Replay, then you must mean you want a broken one.

How do you get Deoxys in pokemon diamond using an action replay?

you can you genius well go on youtube and look up cheats for deoxys

How do you get into the room that the maid are guarding in Pokemon Diamond without using cheats or action replay?

You can't without cheating. Sorry

How do you put in a cheat code for nintendogs dachund and friends?

it depends are u using action replay cheats or it depends what kind of cheat u are using.

Where do you put Pokemon cheats at on Pokemon Pearl?

For Using Cheats ...You will Need Action Replay which Is Available In any Game Stores...Just Put It In The Game Slot And Add some cheats And you Can now cheat...

How do you download cheats of the action replay disc to the action replay game?

I'm assuming that you downloaded action replay on your pc, first of all, open up the code manager, find the code that you want under " my code lists, or my subscriptions" then drag the game name into the nds area, for that to appear you have to plug in your action replay using the wire it came with

Wild legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond by pressing L?

it's used by cheats like using an action replay or a R4

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