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These items appear because they are entries that you have searched for previously. You can move through the list using the down and up arrows on your keyboard. To delete one of them, highlight it with the arrow keys, then hit the "Delete break" key. If you use Firefox do the following: 1. Go to tools, options, privacy, saved forms and then uncheck 'save information I enter in forms and the search bar' box. Answer: Goto MENUBAR , select TOOL menu then select internet OPTIONS now u will get one window namely internet options, in that DELETE COOKIES,DELETE FILES and finally CLEAR HISTORY. Finally click O.K.

2009-08-27 01:59:46
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How do you tag people in facebook status'?

you put @ then there name once you start typing there name an option should appear underneath the status to pick the person they think you are typing

What key do you use to erase an entire entry in a cell and then reenter the data from the beginning with Excel?

You can press the Delete key. However, if you just select a cell and start typing, it will replace what is in the cell, so it is not necessary to press the Delete key first.

How does Google know what you are going to ask when you start typing something in it anticipates what you are going to say with a selection of possible endings and what's this function called?

This is the auto-correct or auto-fill feature. Based upon all the searches performed in Google, when you start typing a word or phrase Google tries to guess what you are searching for. For instance, around the holidays the search "cookie recipes" becomes very popular. Therefore, when you start typing "cook", one of the suggestions will be "cookie recipes" because a lot of other people have searched for the same thing. However, when there was a big political story about Sesame Street earlier this year, "Cookie Monster" was a more popular search so it showed up in the suggestions. If there is a big story in the next few months about internet security, the phrase "delete cookies" may show up in the suggestions.

Where can you get info on sunflowers?

Well, Wikipedia is always a good place to start... but try typing in sunflower to Google, and see what you can find!

How do you take websites off Google bar?

click start go into control panel and see iff it/s listed in there highlight and delete

How do make letters on a computer keyboard such as a c with a line underneath it?

For some places where you type there is a button that has for instance a U with a underline beneath it. Click on that and you start typing with an underline. But only some places have that.

Essay - How many lines do leave open after the heading?

first you type the title and then you have to put underneath it smaller who it is by. Then skip two lines indent and start typing. :) u r welcome

How can you delete your search history on BING?

Very simple! Just start typing (It does not even have to be a word) and look at the bottom of where your old questions were. At the bottom, it will say Turn off History...or Manage History. Go to turn off history and delete the old questions you had. Or go to Manage History and choose specific items you wish to delete.

How do you delete names from Jump start programs?


How do you delete program from automatic start up?

you cant delete it

What websites would be helpful for writing historical novel?

Google. Any author can tell you that all you do is start typing words into a search engine to learn everything you want to learn.

Where can you find my windows product key?

you can find it on a sticker on the side or underneath of your machine. The sticker can be shiny. You can also find it by typing system into the start menu and press enter. Scroll to the bottom of the window that opens and it will tell you there

How do you underline while typing?

Select the underline icon in your tool bar before you start typing. you do a skill

How do you delete the history of your internet For example when you start to type in YouTube it shows what you recently searched How do you delte that?

The first option is: you could install CC-Cleaner (just google it) note: CC-Cleaner will clear almost everything in your browser (cookies ect.) and provides safe internet browsing. OR hit history, then delete i found out how to delete the searches on youtube put the cursor over the search and hit delete ADDRESSBAR CLEANER start control panel internet options content autocomplete settings uncheck: web addresses forms to do the same for google: sign up for google account click preferences click history click pause

Looking for a forum just for teen and pre-teen girls?

Try typing quizilla into your google search box click the top one, start up an account. Its as simple as that.

Did Bill Gates start Google?

No. Bill Gates did not start Google.

Delete button works for manual page breaks not automatic. How do you delete automatic page breaks?

Automatic page-breaks are inserted by the software - when the text you're typing reaches the printable boundary of the page. You cannot delete an automatic page-break. The reason you can delete manual page-breaks is because they are user-controlled - 'forcing' the computer to start a new page earlier than the software would normally do.

How can you delete anti spyware software?

go to: start / settings / control panel / add-remove programs find the program and hit "change/remove". . .some are very hard to delete and require you to actually mess around in the registry. . .for these you can google the program you want to delete and there are usually tips to do it online hope this helps!

When did typing start?

It all start a very long time ago up your you know what

How do you delete your file on Pokemon White version?

I have pokemon white too. You can delete your file if you wanted to start a new game. Once you start the game, you press start. Then there are lists what to do like to start your current game, mystery gift, connection help, and delete is on that list

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Start > Google Chrome > Google Chrome

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It is called the insertion point.

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at the start when you click start you must then click the up, select and b at the same time and it will ask you if you want to delete it