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You can delete the virus from the flashdrive like any other file, but it could spread to your computer. It's best to just buy another flashdrive.

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Q: How do you delete virus from flashdrive?
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How do you erase stuff on a flash drive?

Open the flashdrive file that pops up. See the documents in the flashdrive you want to delete. Click on them and press delete. Done.

Can a flashdrive be used to remove a video game console virus?

Of course not

Is it ok to delete the virus from the avg vault?

no its not the virus comes back up again look up .the file location and delete it urself and then delete from virus vault

Is it better to delete or quarantine a virus?


Can you delete the files in virus vault?

no is there a software to delete it

How do i find win 453 virus and delete it?

delete it

How do you delete?

Just use an anti-virus program it should delete the virus :D

Is it safer to keep a bloodhound virus quarantined or to delete it once its been quarantined?

delete that chit man.. a virus is called a "virus" for a reason LOL

Showing one virus in report .then i how to delete this virus?

if it tells you the name, go to file explorer, go to my pc, search the name, and right click->delete. just dont delete anything important. it may or may not work depending on what virus it is

When you delete a virus does it deleat the file it is attached to?

Nope, just the virus.

What does a worm virus do?

a wirm virus is a type of virus that hacks into your system, and could delete all of your data.

Is installshield update manager a worm or virus?

how do I delete the install shield virus

Does a virus scanner delete infected files?

Yes, or moves them to a "Virus Chest"

What is the 'pacman' virus?

A pacman virus is a virus that can delete Files and stuff (I dont know how?) Pacman virus puts image (i think) That kinda looks scary then its starts to delete your stuff so be careful With your stuff!

How do you delete krag virus?

first step, unhide the associated files in the folder then delete it manually, try to open every folder that you suspect infected with this virus then delete it manually. That's the only way, using all this anti-virus still no use, try it............

Can you remove a virus from your computer yourself?

Yes, all you have to know is how to delete and what file to delete.

How can you get rid of advertisements on webkinz?

you can try using the control delete to delete the adds but if it does not delete, then you have a very bad computer virus.

How do you remove RecycleBin virus on laptop?

delete it

How the virus effects the computer?

it can delete your programs

How do you delete virus WOAURUDexe?

This link gives complete steps to delete this virus

How do you delete the installshield update manager virus?

To delete the installed shield manager virus simply go to control panel ant then uninstall programs to remove it.

What virus's can do?

Virus can delete files in your computer . It can slow down your computer . It also depends on the power of the virus you get . Some virus's are used to get information of others .

How do you delete a virus in a write protected San Disk flashdrive in windows 7?

Well, you can't remove any viruses unless you remove the write-protection from your flash drive. So I'll strongly suggest you to format it unless you want to backup some important information first.

How do you delete a virus without downloading anything?

If it is in an e-mail, you can just delete the email without opening the virus attachment. Otherwise, I don't know if it's possible!

How do we delete a Trojan and a virus of your computer?

Have a look at AVG free anti virus