How do you delete your history on a PC?

Computer history comprises many kinds:

  1. Internet browsing history: cookies, search history, cache, autocomplete form history... And these history can be divided into browsers: IE, Firefox, Chome, Safari, etc.
  2. Windows running history: startup menu, recycle bin, order history, temporary files, etc.
  3. Applications: like vidoes played in the media players, documents opened in Microsoft Word, PPT or others.

For deletion of internet history
Simply find the option in the relevant browser and selet it.
For example: in Firefox, go to Tools, and there is an option that lets you delete internet history including the search history in Firefox.

For complete deletion of all computer history
Manual removal might be impossible. You need to take advantage of a history cleaning program to do this. Because many history files are hidden deeply in Windows that are difficult to find. And files like index.dat can not be deleted manually.

- if your computer is not apple, go to "history" in "favorites" and right click on the one you want to delete. there'll be two choices, expand and delete. Press delete.

- to delete a whole day, week, or month, do exactly what you did before. right click on whichever day or week you want to delete.

i.e.) if I want to delete the history of last week, I right click on "last week" and press "delete".