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in the status box press the space bar and then click on share. your status box will be empty.


Where it says 'Social messanger' Where all your friends 'activities' are listed if you click on 'me' which is small writing underneth 'Social Messanger' There you will see your 'activites e.g photos, status, added friends. To delete that you just move your curser over the staus them move it to the left, click the blue thing then click

'Remove this updete'

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On Skype, there is a feature under the "Tools" option that allows you to set your personal preferences for how long a message is stored on your computer. If you change this, the messages will delete themselves after the time period you have selected.

Sometimes. Just delete the messages that are old or do a cleanup wizird for your c drive

You have to be 9 years old for MSN Messenger according to wikkianswers

You can open your old msn and change in the settings so it doesn't start at all.

yes, but you'd have to delete the app and redownload it and log back into your account. all old messages will pop right back up. c:

There is no limit, I know someone who is 8 and they have got MSN! x

Yes, the messages are deleted after some time automatically. The messages are deleted after 30 days to be default. You can change that time interval manually.

how do I delete an old gmail account

Microsoft does not specify any age limit in their terms and conditions for using MSN.

If you are talking about the iPhone, try deleting some apps, music, pictures, or old messages. They all take up a lot of room.

MSN was founded in 1987 so that would make it 23 years old in 2010.

If you have the old msn for instance but you want msn plus,you go on google and type MSN plus. Then what you do is click on it and it will give you a little bit of information about it. Then there will be a button saying download now. You click that utton and it will download.

You can use it at any age.

you can not check your old aim messages unless you saved them in a filehope i helped!

Alex is 14 years old i think he would have a cooler email address then MSN.

It's quite old because there has been so many versions of it.

Yes they can, but you will just show as offline They can see your old personal message, the one you put on before you blocked them. But if you change it they won't be able to see it. Your status will be offline to them.

The easiest and fastest way to delete 5,000 old emails from your iPhone S4 is to just delete the email account.

Any age you want :S really.

there isn't an age limit i started when i was 7

It is possible to us an application called aMSN for Mac to access the MSN network.I appears that the MSN network will be closed down. Microsoft purchased SKYPE and is making SKYPE the replacement for MSN. aMSN and other MSN clones will probably not work on the SKYPE network.So, download SKYPE and transfer your MSN ID to SKYPE. Microsoft has made this transition possible. Logging in with your old MSN ID will now be logging you in to SKYPE rather than MSN chat.

There is NO limit to how old you need to be so you can get an account when your two probably!

I believe to use MSN Messenger you need an e-mail account normally using the MSN domains such as which I believe you have to be 13 and over to use. Hope this has helped.

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