How do you describe the sky at night?

dark, black, dark blue, as if a black piece of velvet had been lied over the sky and sprinkled with shinning gems, sapphire, azure, violet, peacock blue, delft, aqua, navy, steel, cobalt, royal.

This is by:- Aliyah Hope it helps

It was a dark, Serene night as the luminous moon gleamed and the white twinkling stars gave harmony at the black,blue sky. Words to describe calm=Serene, peaceful,tumult, placid unagitated and tranquil. Words to describe bright=Gleam, Luminous, Twinkling,radiant,lucid,perspicuous. And last of all words to describe sparkling= Shimmer,glisten,twinkle,glimmer,glitter and gleaming. Thanks please rate am only 11 ! :)