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There are many ways you could describe your computer programming experience in a job interview. You could say you have previous experience for example.

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Q: How do you describe your computer programming experience in a job interview?
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Your answer to the request to describe yourself will depend on your experiences and education. If you are applying for a technical position, you most likely have some technical experience or have taken computer-related classes. Expound on those qualifications during your interview.

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My computer experience has been exciting ever since I touched my computer in 2000.

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the delhi isntitute of computer technology

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When you are asked this question during an interview you need to demonstrate your experience. Use specific situations that describe how you managed your team effectively.

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describe the various programming techniques briefly.

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A high-level computer programming language is a programming language which delivers an abstraction from the details of how the computer works. It is is easier for a human to describe what they want the program to do when using a high-level language but the corollary is that the program may not be as efficient in terms of computer resources as it could have been if designed and written in a low-level computer language.

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I do not believe that this belongs in the "computer programming" category.

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i have a good computer skills from typing to dealing with all the microsoft office programs

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It is when you interview -in person- with an employer.

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Here is my example:"I have studied computer technology in a 4 year course and followed up with hands on experience working with Dell. I am knowledgeable in the programming languages of C, Java, PHP and Perl. As a regular Linux user and programmer, I understand the importance and aspects of computer security, in ways that no Microsoft user could.

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