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How do you determine negatives or positives in math equations?


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Numbers are justified as positive, which is usually written as just a number but can be written with a plus (+) sign in front of the number. (e.g. 15 or +15), or negative. Negative numbers are numbers in the negative integers, or below 0. They are written with a minus (-) sign in front of them. (e.g. -15) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ..::To solve remember these rules::.. When multiplying: positive x negative = negative positive x positive = positive negative x negative = positive When dividing: positive / negative = negative positive / positive = positive negative / negative = positive When adding: In a positive + negative situation, if the negative number has a higher number than the positive (e.g. -25 + 10) then the number is negative, this is always true when adding a higher negative to a positive. If the positive has a higher number (e.g. 25 + -10) then it's just the opposite, it will be a positive number. -------------You can solve these very easily: 25 + -10 --> (25) + (-10) to keep it well organized and easier to work with,now just remember "Keep Change Change"... - keep 25 as it is, change "+" to a "-" and change the "-10" to a positive 10. As a result, you will have: 25 - 10. Now solve. Answer = 15 (positive). If for instance you have a negative + positive, the same rules apply (Keep Change Change) negative + negative = negative positive + positive = positive When subtracting: negative - positive (vice versa), use Keep Change Change as you did with adding positives and negatives. negative - negative, use Keep Change Change positive - positive, use Keep Change Change if the number you are subtracting is a higher number. (e.g. 10-15) If you need anymore help, try asking a more specific question again on Wikianswers, search for math websites on the web, or ask your teacher or college professor for help.

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