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First of all, I just hope you upgraded the intake the exhaust and the transmission because if not than say ADIOS to your engine and trany especialy. But anyway you can find out by how much boost your putting out ether you purchase a little computer and software for it and hook it up to your lap top(that is if you know as what you are doing) or go the easy way and put the car on the dyno and that will tell you absolutely everything about your car and the specs. You do not need to upgrade the transmission if you only swapped to a 3.4, which would be the first recommended lower size supercharger pulley. But you do need to at the very least have some exhaust mods (especially a U-bend delete), a CAI, and it helps to run a colder t-stat, and a more dialed in PCM, such as a DHP. To determine your boost you can hook up a powertuner (generally around $400) or have it dyno'd. You will get approximately 10 HP per .1 drop in pulley diameter and yes if you dont have supporting mods you will damage your engine if you go too far. Check out the following webiste for a thorough discussion on pulley size and suporting mods. Hope this helps. "G"

2007-11-17 22:33:45
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What would cause a supercharger to over boost?

A supercharger is controlled by its pulley size. The smaller the supercharger drive pulley is, the higher in boost pressure you will see. Now if you go with a larger crank pulley, this too will cause you to see more boost. So, in all honestly, the only way to really over boost your supercharger is when you mess around with the pulleys.

A manual on belts and pulleys for Briggs and strattons model 287707?

I am not sure what this engine is on. But, typically the tool or machine that the engine is on is what will determine the belts and pulleys, not the engine.

Can you fit a supercharger on a ford probe 1995 2.5 v6?

yes of course,but it takes some work!you need a eaton m90 supercharger,fuel pump,biger injectors,blow off valve,intercooler if you run more then 7 psi boost,pulleys.....but you can do it with little bit of work!

What would cause a whisting noise when idle but stop on acceleration in a 1994 Pontiac grand am?

possibly on of the belt pulleys or a vaccum leak

What does a smaller supercharger pulley do to a cars engine?

The smaller pulley spins the supercharger faster, thus creating greater boost and therefore more horsepower. Popular "sizes" are 15%, 17% and 19% reduction. The larger percentage reduction gives a greater boost. Some mechanics do not recommend the higher percentage pulleys.

What are the parts of a supercharger?

This all really depends on the car it is going on and how much boost you are seeking to produce. The most common parts are: * Supercharger Head Unit * Supercharger manifold or bracket * pulleys * belt * FMU or Fuel Injectors * By Pass Valve * Fuel Pump or Boost a Pump * Boost retard box, ECU reflash, or hand held programmer Here is also a link that explains it more:

Can you put a supercharger to a 1600cc VW Beetle engine?

Theoretically any combustion engine can be fitted with a supercharger, but don't expect it to be an easy, bolt-on job. Carb, intake manifolds and drive pulleys would have to be heavily modified. If it's an EFI engine you won't have the carb to worry about, but would instead have to have the engine control remapped.

How do you put on a superchager on a Honda Civic?

This is a very complex process and would require at least 10 hours to install. You need a complete supercharger kit that supplies the necessary belts and pulleys. An example of this would be the Jackson Racing Supercharger Kit. It's probably the easiest kit out there. check out this link:

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What are idler pulleys?

== == it is a free pulley that works as a tensioner on any belt bolted to hold or spring loaded An idler pulley usually tensions a belt.. eg supercharger belt is kept taut by its respective idler pulley

How can you supercharge your 97 riviera?

Many problems include, different pulleys, intake, supercharger, belts. Possible computer problems. It think the wiring harnesses are pretty much the same, accept the super charger does have a vacuum solenoid.

Do flagpoles have pulleys?

yes the do have pulleys

Where is the water pump located on a 1992 Pontiac Sunbird?

Look at the belt on the engine, then look at the pulleys. The water pump is behind the pulley without any groves in the pulley.

What objects are pulleys?

Pulleys are simple machines.

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Many people use pulleys in their jobs. The rides like Supreme scream, which go vertically up and down have pulleys in them. Elevators have pulleys in them, and people who ship cargo use pulleys in their cranes.

History of pulleys?

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Are there a pulleys on a car?

Yes, the belt system has pulleys.

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How do you change serpentine and supercharger belts on 2000 Grand Prix GTP?

Both the accessory belt and supercharger belt are serpentine. The supercharger belt comes off first. The tensioner is under the coils and easy access. Use a 15mm socket and ratchet to release tension on the belt and remove the belt from one of the pulleys. Slowly and carefully release the pressure on the tensioner. I had to remove the radiator reservoir to get access to the accessory tensioner way in the back. Just remove two nuts and lift up. Plug the overflow hole. Using the same socket, relieve pressure on the belt and remove the belt from the alternator or take your pick of pulleys. Carefully thread the new accessory belt on all but the alternator. Use a flash light to verify that the belt is properly aligned on all pulleys. Use the rachet to move the tensioner back to the limit and carefully thread the new belt over the last pulley (alternator?). Let the tension off and use the flash light again to verify alignment. Do not get your finger between the belt and pulley! The tensioner being accidently release at such a time will cause damage to the flesh. Repeat with the supercharger belt.

Where is the water pump located on a 2002 Pontiac Grand am?

Find the side of the engine that has all the pulleys and belts. Under one of those pulleys that is connected to the engine you will find the water pump. I cannot tell you which one exactly. You could go to and go under the repair info button and look for it that way.

92 Chevy 1500 swapping a 4.3 to a 5.7 carb what will you have to change beides the motor mounts and flywheel and clutch because its a 5 speed what about the pullies?

You will also have to change the driveshaft because the v6 is shorter then the v8. Not the mention that the bell housing might be different too. I am not sure what you mean by pulleys? The ones on each engine should remain with each engine. Not many pulleys on different engines are interchangeable.

What are some reallife examples of fixed pulleys?

pulleys are on cranes for construction

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A system of pulleys is called a block and tackle