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Have it examined by a competent gunsmith

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What calibre is browning automatic pistol serial number 656549?

The caliber should be marked on the slide.

What is manufacture date of model 1886 browning in 45-70 calibre?

Impossible to answer without a serial number.

What are the ratings and certificates for Big Calibre - 1935?

Big Calibre - 1935 is rated/received certificates of: UK:U USA:Approved USA:Passed (National Board of Review)

What are the ratings and certificates for 45 Calibre War - 1929?

45 Calibre War - 1929 is rated/received certificates of: USA:Passed (National Board of Review)

What are the ratings and certificates for 45 Calibre Echo - 1932?

45 Calibre Echo - 1932 is rated/received certificates of: USA:Passed (National Board of Review)

What is the highest calibre for a bullet?

95 is the highest calibre for a bullet

What is the velocity of a 45 calibre?

The velocity depends on the precise firearm, not the calibre.

How is calibre use in a sentence?

For example here is a sentence with calibre in it:A man of high calibre:meaning A man of high status or someone with a merit of excellence.

What is the value of Browning Citori Grade 3 4 Ga set?

Probably best to go to your local firearms dealer and ask them to price it for you. what calibre is it and where do you live ? that's going to help with the prices.

What is the largest calibre rifle ever made?

for a rifle it is thought to be a .50 calibre but a gun company made there own for there own sniper rifle the .408 calibre

What does high calibre mean?

A calibre is a form of measurement describing the diameter of an object (such as a bullet). One calibre is equal to 0.254 millimeters or 0.01 inches. A fifty calibre bullet is 12.7 millimeters or 0.5 inches in diameter. So high-calibre describes an object (like a bullet) with a very large diameter Other definitions can be found if you google "define: calibre" or "define: caliber".

What is the average size of a hunting rifle bullet?

Game of all size and shape is hunted, and the calibre varies in accordance with what it is you're hunting. If you're hunting elk, you're not going to use the same calibre you would hunt squirrel with, and vice versa. A hunting rifle is simply a rifle which is used for hunting - that in itself doesn't determine what's being hunted, and it would be impossible to determine an average calibre, given that not every hunting rifle was a purpose built rifle - some hunters, for example, used decommissioned military rifles such as the SKS.

.32 calibre Browning automatic pistol?

A small or "vest pocket" as it was known in the early 1900's semi-automatic pistol. Browning in America and FN or Fabrique Nationale in Belgium manufactured these handguns made on John Browning's design. They were single-action, meaning the slide had to be 'cocked' before the gun would fire. They were magazine or clip fed, each clip carrying eight rounds in .32 ACP. There were identical appearing models made in the .380 auto or 9mm Corto (short) calibre as well. They were serviceable handguns used mainly for self-defense, back in a time before Worry-Worts and Nanny-State legislators got their hands on the gun laws. These guns were quite similar to the Colt Hammerless 1903 and 1908 models also designed by John Browning, carried by general officers during the Second World War, most notably Dwight Eisenhower, Omar Bradley and George Patton. D Grier

Is a 9 mm calibre smaller in diameter than a 10 mm calibre?

Yes, the calibre refers to the diameter of the bullet. Therefore, a 9mm would be smaller than a 10 mm.

When was Cadence Calibre born?

Cadence Calibre was born on November 19, 1988, in Dallas, Texas, USA.

What is the age and model number of a 22 calibre short Browning rifle serial number 5E21325?

Made in 1965. This is simply called the .22 Automatic Rifle. The "E" in the serial number signifies the .22 short version.

What is the difference between hatsan mod 55s and 60s?

mod 55s is in .177 calibre and mod 60s is in .22 calibre apart from this they are the same rifle, it is also available in .25 calibre but not sure of the model number.

What is the length and width of the m2 50cal machine gun?

A 50 calibre machine gun can have any length or width. The inside of the barrel is 1/2 inch. Gradually calibre as a gun size is being dropped in favor of metric. For example 9 mm is replacing 38 calibre. A 38 calibre pistol will shoot a 9 mm bullet. Mortars are now 61 mm instead of a calibre.

How would you use the word calibre in a sentence?

My husband wants to buy a Lexus, but I don't think we can afford a car of that calibre.

What actors and actresses appeared in Calibre 45 - 2006?

The cast of Calibre 45 - 2006 includes: Molcas as himself

What calibre is 30MM?

Asking what the calibre is is the same as asking how many inches... In this case, the bore diameter would be 1.1811 cal.

What are the release dates for Calibre 38 - 1919?

Calibre 38 - 1919 was released on: USA: 16 February 1919

Do you have to modify the bolt when changing barrel to different caliber?

Unless it's a calibre with the exact same rim measurements as the previous calibre, you'll have to at least change the bolt face. If you're switching from a calibre which uses a short action to a calibre requiring a long action, you'll have to change the bolt carrier, as well.

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