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How do you determine the capacity of a central ac?


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February 08, 2009 11:37PM

Find the specification plate on the outside unit or ask for specs on the model number here or the Mfgs website or look on the AC compressor inside the outside unit for it's model number and call a local parts dealer for the specs for that compressor. >>>>> A usually reliable rule of thumb to find this yourself is to find the unit Model # on the outdoor unit`s tag and there will be 2 digits in the model# indicating capacity. AC units are sized in tons and a ton is 12,000 btu. So those 2 digits will normally indicate capacity in 1000`s of btus. 24=2tons, 30=2.5 tons, 36= 3 tons, 42=3.5 tons, 48=4tons, 54=4.5 tons and 60=5 tons.