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How do you determine the square footage of a house?


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First you measure the width and then the lenght then multiply it. length times width.


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Multiplying length by width equals square footage

In order to calculate the square footage you need to find the length and the width of the room in feet. You multiply the length and the width to give you the square footage of the room

Square footage is a measure of an area. It is usually for areas for which square feet is a sensible measurement unit, such as a room, or a house. However, we have had people asking about the square footage of countries!

The average square footage of a European house is very small. These homes are usually less than 1000 square feet on average.

Depending on what you need the information for, you can get a rough idea by measuring the entire outside of the house. Then multiply the length of the house times the width of the house, and then double it. That will give you a very basic idea. If you need the exact square footage, you could purchase a copy of the blueprints from the building department.

The square footage of a 25,000 gallon pool depends on the shape of the pool. To determine the square footage multiply the floor width with the floor length. Multiply the length by the height of the walls for each wall. Add all these numbers together to get the square footage.

House dimensions are measured in Square Feet. How many square feet are in a house depends on the size and the layout of the house. For example, many houses do not have equal footage of all outside walls. Also, square footage of each room is smaller that the footage of outside walls, to subtract for walls, fireplaces, etc. Also, any outdoor additions (porches, patios) are not counted in sq. footage of the house.

To find the square footage you should multiply the length and width of each room, and add up the results to give you the total square feet.

The average square footage of a 2 bedroom house is around 1600 to 2400 square feet. Most two bedroom houses are built on the small side.

The square footage of a house includes the entire area that is heated or cooled. If it has an attic, basement, or garage that is not heated and not lived in, those are mentioned separately.

You don't. Its cubinc footage, not square footage.

It is continuous, as it could be any size.

Unless the room is a perfect square (length and width are the exact same) you cannot determine the length and width without knowing one of the two first. If you know one of these, simply divide the square footage by the measurement that you do know. If the room is a perfect square, the length and width would both be the square root of the square footage.

If your wanting the entire square footage you can measure the width and length of your home from the outside. If your wanting to know the square footage of the heated space, measure each room width and length that have air ducts. Multiply the width and length measurements.

measure the square footage of your house when you go to purchase your furnace. Then they can change that figure to BTU's.

In an average house it would be about 1500 sq. feet

That will depend on the square footage of the house,and if you can find a forclosed property you can reduce the price substanstually.

What is the square footage of the Mall of America?

The square footage of Missouri is 368,063,520 feet

The size of the furnace depends on the square footage of the house you are heating.

Yes and no. If the home is a one story, then obviously whatever the square footage of it is, is what square footage of land is underneath it. Now, if you have a two story home you wouldn't be able to use the square footage. You may ask why is that. Because now your square footage is equal to up and down stairs. In turn this will double the square footage. I wanted to add to this question that most lots are meassured by length and width. So lets say your length is 130 FT and your width is 60 FT, You multiply the two numbers and come up with the square footage of your lot, 7800square feet.

In order to get the square footage you need to take 13' times 15' and you will get the square footage

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