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You could submit a claim but that usually means dying first. Short of dying, you could surrender the policy for its surrender value. The surrender value depends on many things but it starts a zero when the policy is bought and grows to the face amount as the policy ages. The hardcopy of the policy should show a face amount but will likely also include a schedule for the surrender value. If the hardcopy of the policy can't be located, a call to the company is in order.

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What are some services offered by Bankers Life and Casualty Insurance company?

The services that the company Bankers Life and Casualty Insurance offers is mostly insurance. Some of the insurance they offer are life insurance, long term care insurance and annuities.

What do the Bankers Insurance company offer?

Bankers Insurance Company Ltd offer a variety of products and services. These include: creditor-placed homeowner insurance, manufactured housing homeowners insurance, debt protection insurance, etc.

What group of people pay the least for auto insurance?

Lawyers, Architects, Accountants, Bankers, Insurance Professionals & Teachers.

Can you get a life insurance license in Michigan if you have a felony?

I was told by Bankers life and Casualty insurance company that if you have a Felony, Michigan will not issue a license to sell life insurance to you.

Does Aon Insurance offer discounts and are they reliable?

I dont know much about Aon insurance from news reports they are a reliable insurance company. They do offer discount to other insurance companies,bankers and brokers.

Policies Offered By The Bankers Insurance Company?

Being properly insured is one of the most important aspects of overall financial health. Those who are not insured could easily be thrust into bankruptcy if an unfortunate and expense event takes place. One of the best places to begin your search for the best insurance policy is by working with The Bankers Insurance Group. The Bankers Insurance Group offers a wide range of insurance products to their customers. The Bankers Insurance Group is well known for providing a well rounded group of insurance policies for owners of small and medium sized businesses. If you own a business Bankers Insurance could provide you with a building and property insurance to cover any property that you own, business interruption insurance which will provide you with cash flow in the event that your business shuts down for a variety of reasons, and general liability insurance which will cover your business in the event that you, one of your employees, or a customer is injured in your place of business or because of a product that you have sold. Homeowners could also benefit by taking out a policy from The Bankers Insurance Group. The company offers a wide range of homeowners insurance policies which will protect you in the event that your home is damaged, vandalized, or becomes a victim of theft. The policies available through The Bankers Insurance Group range from those available for single family homes, town homes, or condominiums. People who end up renting their home out could also purchase a specialized policy available to landlords. Contractors who are looking to build or renovate a property could also benefit by working with the Bankers Insurance Group. The Bankers Insurance Group could provide them with general liability insurance to protect them in the event that a worker is injured on the job, property and fire damage which will cover them in the event that the property is damaged while under construction, and a variety of other policies. The Bankers Insurance Group can also provide surety bonds, which will guarantee that the property that the contractor is building will be completed and all sub contractors will be paid on time.

Where can someone find the links to insurance companies?

One can find links to insurance companies from: 21st Century, Aetna, Allied Insurance, All State, American Automobile Insurance, American Insurance Group, Bankers Life and Causality Insurance, Country Financial, Chubb, Elephant, FM Global, to name a few.

Where can someone compare bankers life insurance?

Life insurance quotes can be compared online for free. Websites like Select Quote, Compare the Market, and Life Insurance Rates are some that offer this service.

What are some of the best long term care insurance ratings?

There are a few of them that have high ratings for long term care insurance. They would be American General Life (AIG), Bankers Life and Casualty, State Farm Insurance, and New York Life Insurance Company.

Who bought the farmers and bankers life insurance company?

Try American National Insurance Company, P. O. Box 696840, San Antonio, TX 78269

What health insurance in California is the best?

Bankers life and casualty. Little know but amazing for annuities too.

How do you find an old insurance company named bankers security life insurance society located in washington dc and new york ny?

I am trying to locate someone to answer some questions for my dad on his old policy through bankers security life insurance society. I found that reliastar financial corporation in 1995 merged/bought them..still trying to get answers on my policy. any help would be great.

What happened to the capitol life insurance company of Denver Colorado?

They were purchased by Liberty Bankers Life and are currently operating as a subsidiary.

Is Bankers Life and Casualty Company a scam?

No. Established in 1879 in Chicago, Bankers Life and Casualty Company focuses on the insurance needs of the retirement market. The nationwide company, a subsidiary of CNO Financial Group, Inc., offers a broad portfolio of life and health insurance retirement products designed especially for seniors.

Which insurance company took over The Bankers Health and Life Insurance Co in Macon Georgia?

Change of beneficiary form attached to my policy lists United Insurance Company of America. They are listed on the internet as located in St. Louis, Mo. 800-777-8467 or 314-819-4300.

Who bought Bankers Union Life Insurance of Colorado?

I am a caregiver for an elderly, blind man that has a policy for life insurance thru this company, and would like to know if the policy still exists and if the new company took over on the existing policies that banker's union life insurance co., consumer's had?

What policies do Bankers Life and Casualty provide?

Policies of the Bankers Life and Casualty are geared to needs and requirements of the retirement community. Some policies offered are life insurance, annuities, long term care and Medicare products.

Is bankers life and casualty company in trouble?

In short? Yes. After Conceco or CNO got involved with Banker, they have been in steady decline. They are unreliable for claims and cant keep agents around. Multiple rate increases on LTC insurance and they have pulled out of the Medicare supplement market. Choosing to offer another insurance companies Medicare product. They sell Home care insurance and call it Long term care insurance which by Medicares definition, is NOT LTC insurance. They push annuity products to anyone they can and have been sued, investigated and fined all over the USA.

What does QBE stand for in QBE Insurance Group?

The merger of three Australian insurers: Queensland, Bankers & Traders, and Equitable, resulted in an entity that transacts business under this name.

What is democratic corporatism?

Democratic Corporatism is where a government gives public dollars to private bankers, insurance and drug firms, in the hope that such largesse will compel those firms to change.

How does using the internet affect your relationships with other people?

My relationship with other people has grown considerably. Those having internet connection send emails from speedy response from my end. After I obtained broadband connection, my bankers advised me to avail the facility of e banking.Being an Insurance Consultant with both Life Insurance and General Insurance, I have obtained password to enter into their websites and update my records. In these ways, using the internet has made a sea change in my relationship with other people/bodies.

Does the Department of Insurance have control over all insurance company's?

They do have control over all companies unless the company can prove they are governed by another state agency like department of social security. Also if a company is non-admitted. That means they don't meet all the requirements of the state. All the major companies (bankers, blue cross, gieco, state farm) are all admitted.

Does Warren Buffett own long term health care insurance?

Long term care is NOT an annuity. It is a health insurance policy which provides both skilled and custodial care for policy holders. Instead of sending the client to a skilled nursing facility, a good long term care policy will provide both types of care at the clients home. Also, how is using someone else's money for your needs rather than spending you own money "not a good investment"? Insurance is about passing on the bulk of the financial risk. to the insurance company so you don't go broke in the event of an emergency. Health care costs is the number 1 reason seniors are declaring bankruptcy in America. A good long term care policy helps protect a client's assets. Instead of a person having to "spend down their assets", they can use an insurance company's money to pay for their post hospitalization care (long term care) and stay at home doing so. Have a Long Term Care policy for my wife and myself from Bankers Life & Casualty. Call your local Bankers agent to get more information.

Is Bankers Life a bad company for Long Term care Insurance?

be very careful I do not believe they have the financial depth to handle the financial monsoon that this need will cost in the future Look to the top 3 or 4 Long Term Care companies GW JH and Met

Who is the target market for fixed deposit?

platimum bankers platimum bankers platimum bankers

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