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Also, check to make sure your anti-freeze/water mixture is correct.

I'd guess it would be either your thermostat, or heater core. The thermostat is the much cheaper option, but I'd almost bet it's the heater core.

Not sure about your specific year of truck, but mine was a b**ch to do!!

If water pump needs to be, or has been, replaced you might try flushing the heater core backwards. Found my core had ingested all of the metal pieces from a water pump that had self destructed. Once flushed, the heater output returned to the expected level.

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Why does your heater barely get hot in a 2001 Daewoo Nubira?

2000 Nubira, same problem, no water flow from block to heater, core not blocked, runs fine????????????

How do you determine what the problem is when the heater for a 99 Chevy Blazer won't heat up but stays barely warm?

Thermostat stuck open or heater core clogged. I had a similar problem in feb.2005 with my 1998 S-10 Blazer and it was due to the Dex-cool had turned to sludge , and that caused lots of problems. The first thing to do is after the engine is warmed up, feel the heater hoses going into the heater . if they are hot then the problem is in the heater, probably just adjustment or fuse. If they are just warm to cool then the answer is in the engine, probably needs a thermostat. answer can also be the temperature control switch in dasboard of car

Where is the heater core located in a 1991 Dodge Dakota?

The heater core on a Dodge Dakota is inside the HVAC housing, under the dash.

96 dodge Dakota 2.5 heater control valve?

i have the same truck, their is no such item availbe for this year the closest one is 1993. if its a heater issue try back flushing the heater core, very very common problem.

1988 Dakota heater core replacement?

To replace a 1988 Dakota heater core, first discharge the A/C. Then remove the lower instrument panel before removing the heater box unit.

How do you solve a heater control panel problem on a 1994 GMC?

You would diagnose the situation to determine the source of the problem you're having. At that point you can decide what steps are needed to repair the problem.

How do you replace heater core on a 1995 dodge Dakota truck?

You will need to remove the water lines from your 1995 Dodge Dakota truck heater core. Remove the heater core retaining bolts. Reverse the process to install the new heater core.

What are signs that there is a problem with a hot water heater?

There are signs that there is a problem with a hot water heater. When you cannot get your water to heat. It could be signs that the pipes leading to the heater are leaking. It could be a problem with the thermostat in the heater.

Why would 1993 4x4 Dodge Dakota leaking coolant what could it be?

Pressure test system to determine the origination of leak i.e. hose, radiator, heater core, etc.

Why does your windows fog with the blower on in a 1997 dodge Dakota?

I had that problem with my Dakota for almost 3 years. Finally I caught a good whiff of antifreeze. My heater core had a small leak in it. Since it has been replaced, it's been good. I'm not saying that is your problem, but that's what cured mine. good luck ............

2001 dodge Dakota heater and ac only work on high?

I had the same problem - it's a bad resistor. Most mecahnics can change this and it didn't cost a lot if I remember.

Why does the heater blower not work on a 1995 dodge Dakota?

most common problem is the blower resistor In the firewall on the passenger side of the truck is the blower motor speed resister coils, they burn out alot. I could not find one for my Dakota so I got one from a dodge caravan and I changed the wirring, that is the most likely problem

How do you trouble shoot a heater problem?

Not enough info. Car heater? House heater? Gas? electric? Water?

How do you flush a heater core for a 95 dodge Dakota?

I wouldn't think you could flush a heater core. you can flush a radiator. Heater core you would have to replace if it is leaking or stopped up

Where is the heater core on a Dodge Dakota 1998 Sport?

This is my son-in-laws truck. I have to fix it

Why is there no have heat in a 98 dodge Dakota?

A possible cause could be that you have a clogged heater core.

How do you replace a 1991 dodge Dakota heater core?

Drain the water from the cooling system. Remove the water hose from the heater core. Remove the heater core retaining bolts. Reverse the process to install the new heater core.

Why doesn't my heater motor and radio work in my 1995 Dakota?

The heater motor blower might not work in a 1995 Dakota because the wire harness behind the glove compartment came apart. The radio might not work because of a fuse.

How do you determine age of water heater?

look at the date sticker on it

How do you fix my heater on my 2000 BMW 323 i?

You start by troubleshooting to determine exactly what the problem is. There's more than one thing which can go wrong with a heater, so you either diagnose it to narrow down the cause, or you just throw parts at it until you get it right.

How come I am getting water in the passenger floor board in a 2001 dodge Dakota?

this could be from the heater core. When the heater core goes out it leaks....right into the passenger side floor board If it is water, not coolant, the problem could be a plugged air conditioner drain. Easily accesible from under the hood.

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