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There are prenatal paternity tests now, usually they can be done around 12-21 weeks (starting at 3-4 months.) It's still a good idea to a paternity test upon the child's birth as well.

In reference to the question, the way to tell who the father of your child is is to perform a paternity test after the birth. The baby's cheek cells will be gently collected with a sterile swab (I assure you the baby will not even feel it!). Then, if willing, any and all sex partners would have their cheek cells swabbed as well. The samples will be sent for a DNA comparison. It is 100% accurate and not at all invasive.

Please don't take this the wrong way, but the best way to "determine who the father is" is to only sleep with one man when you're not on Birth Control! Grrr ...

This is really a sad question, I am sure this is tearing you apart. You will need to do a DNA on the child immediately after its delivery. You don't want to wait too long, imagine trying to explain to your child that you had slept with different men and don't know who the father is!! This child needs to know as soon as its born, so does the Father. He needs to take responsibility for this child and so do you.

In response to the two above answers: And what if the person was raped? Education and the ability to share without judgments is much more useful then false morals. From what I know the test can only be taken after birth. I suggest you talk to your partner(s) and a gyn. to see what your options are.

Ignore self-righteous people. You are definitly not alone hon. I had an amniosintesis (totally not spelled right) done before I was 4 months pregnant to determine paternity. However, there is a small risk to baby. Also, if it is not already being done for medical reasons a doctor may opt no to do it and if he does, it can be spendy. I believe mine was 1300$. And keep in mind, no matter how hard it is to be unsure of who the father is, one this is for sure. YOU are the mother of lil one.

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Q: How do you determine who the father is?
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Does the mother or the father determine the sex of the offspring?

The father determines the sex.

How do you determine your child's father?

DNA testing.

Does the father determine the babys blood at conception?


Why does the father ultimately determine the sex of the baby?


How do you determine if a man is the father of a child?

Get a DNA test.

Does the father determine identical twins?

Both such twins obtain the half of genome which belongs to their father.

How do you Determine who is the father of a baby after the baby is born?

Get a DNA test.

How can you determine the father of a child in a paternity suit?

DNA test

What does a father have to do for the paternity test?

just a swabbing the inside of your mouth will enable a lab to determine via DNA testing if you are the father.

What is the role of blood typing in paternity testing?

To determine whether or not the alleged father could be the true father, the blood types of the child, mother, and alleged father are compared.

What happens to a father if social worker finds that the father is drinking beer?

The children of the father may be removed if they determine the father's drinking could cause the children harm.

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How do you find out if your father left you anything when he died?

Determination of HeirsIF your father left a valid will, then it will determine who is an heir, and the distribution of his assets.If there is no will, or it cannot be found, then the Probate [sometimes called "Succession"] law of the state in which he lived will determine the distribution of his assets.

In Pennsylvania does your husbands income determine child support?

If your husband is not the child's father, it might depending on the situation.If your husband is the child's father, then yes.

Can a paternity test be performed while you are still pregnant to determine who the father is?


Can you determine the father of a child if they were with the girl 5 days apart?

Yes, by a paternity test

After 8 years my ex is now saying that i am the father of one of her kids?

You should have a DNA performed to determine if you are indeed the child's father. If you are the father, you can get visitation but you will also have to pay child support to the mother.

Who is father of the youngest mother's baby?

Her father was jailed temporarily on suspicion, but was later released for lack of evidence. Peruvian authorities were never able to determine the father. The child was raised as the mother's brother.

True or false genes determine all of our inhrited traits?

This is true, genes do determine all of our inhrited traits, because your genes come from your mother and your father.

Is there any lab test that can determine who is the father of your baby even if you are just three months pregnant?

No there is not.

How can you file a paternity test without a lawyer?

Are you requesting a paternity test to determine if you're the father, or chasing down a father? If you're the man, see link.

How can a judge determine how much father should pay child support if father is being paid in cash no taxes out and amounts change?

Assumed minimum wage

A judge took the fathers rights away but the father wants his rights back. What can he do?

The father needs to consult with an attorney who can review the situation and determine what the options are.

How do you determine the father of a child?

If you had sex with more than one dude then to determine the fatherr you cann . One : Go on Maury Two : Get a test for it Three: Be a single mom

Can a child determine who their father is even if the father is deceased?

With a tissue or hair follicle, with the permission of his family, however it is far more expensive than a standard paternity test.