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How do you determine your download speed?

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Click on the link to your right for the answer.

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5 examples of factors that determine Internet download speed?

List 5 examples of factors that determine Internet download speed

How long does it take to download a game from the playstation store?

Some are small files and are very quick with my connections. Your download speed and the file size will help to determine the download time.

How do you speed up download speed?

how i can speed speed download in my computer pleas

How you can get fast software download?

The speed of the download generally depends on the speed of your computer.

How long does a 60MB file take to download?

It will depend on your download speed. If you have a 30mb/s download speed it will take 2 seconds. If you have a 512kb/s download speed it will take 2 minutes

What factors determine the power and speed of microprocessor chips?

what factors determine the speed of the microprocessor

What is the palindrome for-instrument-used-to-determine-speed?


What is the download speed measured in when carrying out a broadband speed check?

The download speed is measured in megabytes per second when carrying out a broadband speed check. This allows for people to see the amount they can download at.

How to check the know download speed in Google Chrome?

The download speed can be known in the download bar. It is present in the menu and then downloads.

What speed can you download with a 16MB download?

U mean what is the download speed of a 16MB/s internet connection?....It's close to 2mb/s ~ 2048 kb/s whatever is your download speed in mbps just divide it by eight then you get the real download speed in mega bytes per second

What are the factors of that depend my download speed except my provider gave it to me does it depend of upload speed of server were i download the file ....?

Yes the main contributers to download speed is how much you pay for and how good the upload is from the server you could pay for a 20mb download speed but if the server only has an upload speed of 10mb you can only get a speed of up to 10mb

Formula for speed?

The formula to determine speed is Speed= wavelength*frequency

How can I improve the upload and download speed?

Your upload and download speed are dependant on what package you have with your Internet Service Provider (ISP). Upload speed is generally very low in residential connections, but the higher your download speed is, the higher your upload speed will be, in most cases.To increase your download speed you will have to contact your ISP and ask them to increase it, or complain if your not getting what your meant to get.

How do you determine speed?

Distance divided by time = speed.

How do you increase download speed of internet?

download max internet will increase your speed upto 200%...

Factors that determine internet download speed?

-type of router (if your connection is wireless) -type of cable (if your connection is wired) -the # of computers in your home that are sharing the same connection

Which is the best download manager for maximum downloading speed?

Instant Download Manager (IDM) is the best download manager which can enhance your downloading speed from the Internet.

Why when you test your download speed it shows other than it's real?

like why when i test my speed, it shows that my download speed is ~500kb/s, but when i download something, the max speed is 60kb/s?? are there any possible things that I limited speed? so how to cancel that limit?

5 factors that determine internet download speed?

- Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) (either their download speed capability or the speed cap they've enforced on you) -Whether you have copper cable broadband, fibreoptic broadband, dialup etc. -If anyone else on your network is downloading something as well (if they are, you won't achieve your maximum potential download speed) -The speed of the server you're downloading from. E.g. it would be fast to download something from Apple's iTunes server as opposed to a server run by one of your friends, as Apple would have server-class internet plans giving them faster upload speeds -Whether or not the site itself is capping your download speed. E.g. all those file-sharing sites that have free accounts with a slower speed, where you can pay more to get a faster speed (however, don't be fooled by them. They say they can let you download it in 10 seconds if you pay them - it'll only be ten seconds if that's the speed your ISP allows you)

How is distance related to motion?

They help to determine the speed of the object. You will need both in order to accurately determine this speed.

There is an angry internet user seeing if his company is giving him the right amount of data per minute.?

If you suspect something like that, go on They will show you bandwidth, download speed and upload speed. Then you can determine if you have been scammed.

How long does it take to download Google Chrome?

The download depends upon your speed of internet. A person having a good download speed can get it over a matter of minutes.

How internet download manager increases the downloading speed?

Usually, if you're downloading a file, the download server is limiting the download speed, and not your internet connection (though this might be different if your connection is slow) The download manager splits the file into multiple segments, and downloads the segments from different servers, so that every segment has it's own download speed for a total download speed that is far higher.

Does increasing upload speed increase download speed?


What is the difference between downstream speed and download speed?