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You can develop your pictures from a pinhole camera in two different ways. The first school of thinking dates back to the Aztecs who would take the hides of lizards recently killed and put them in the darkest hole they could find. The process could be improved by taking the picture in and out of the hole. Repeating this process until the picture was visible on the lizard hide. The second more modern school of thought was made by Ben Franklin who noticed pictures of his families trip to Maine on his stomach after he was struck by lightening in his famous kite experiment. He then developed the company Kodak and the world has never been the same.

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Do the pictures seen in the pinhole camera show the colour of the objects on the other side?

The pictures that are seen in the pinhole camera usually show the colors of the objects in front of the camera. The images usually look slightly blurry compared to the real colors.

Can a pinhole camera take pictures like a normal camera?

Yes, however you are restricted as to what you can take pictures of. Pinhole cameras must stay on a surface while taking the picture (as to not blur the image), unless you want to produce an image with motion blur you are unable to take pictures of any moving subjects, and the images are not digital; meaning you need to develop the image using chemicals and a dark room.

What is the difference between a pinhole camera and a slr camera?

The main difference is that a pinhole camera has exactly that a pinhole and not a lens which an slr uses. Pinhole camera exposures are very long and not practicle in use.

Was the pinhole camera the first camera?

yes the pinhole was the very first camera invented!

What do you use to take photographs?

Usually, a camera. Occasionally, people take pictures with a cardboard box that they've converted into a pinhole camera.

What is a simple camera?

A Pinhole camera.

Improve a pinhole camera?

to improve a pinhole camera you can change the size of the box so that the picture appears clear and you can also capture lots of surroundings around you in the pinhole camera

What camera came after the pinhole camera?

The daguerreotype.

What parts of the eye correspond to the pinhole on a pinhole camera?

the pupil

Who created the Pinhole camera?

The pinhole camera was created by a the first scientists name IBN al Haytham.

What is the difference between camera and pinhole camera?

A pinhole camera you make yourself control the shutter speed (usually a piece of cardboard) manually by pulling it up and down. The image is then burned onto film. The difference is that most regular cameras have a sensor so that your pictures would be over or under exposed. Also with a pinhole camera the is a huge risk of ruining your film because some unwanted light snuck into the interior of the camera. The pictures will also be poorer quality than that of a regular camera. There are many more differences but that's the gist of it.

What will happen if the size of pinhole in a pin hole camera is reduced?

more sharply focused but darker harder to see pictures

Image formed by a pinhole camera?

Pin holiday camera light travels in straight lines

What is a pinhole camera lens?

Its not a lens. Pinhole photography is photography without a lens

How pinhole camera works?

A pinhole camera works by letting a small amount of light into a tiny aperture. This allows the camera to be used in surveillance where it can be difficult to spot.

What kind of camera do you need to develop pictures in a dark room?

An analog camera (using film).

What is the difference between a camera obscura and a pinhole camera?


What is the difference between human eye and pinhole camera?

u can see things naked with eyes and pictures would last longer

When was the pinhole camera made?


Can camera build at home?

Yeah, easiest is to build a pinhole camera. Or read: "Pinhole Photography" by Eric Renner

How Is A Pinhole Camera similar to the eye?

an eye is similar to a pinhole camera as light travels from a scene into the hole or eye and this produces the inage.

What can you do to an pinhole camera to make it brighter?

Longer exposures. The nature of a pinhole camera does not permit much change in the size of the aperture. That's why they are called "pinhole" cameras: little bitty holes.

How do you build a pinhole camera?

You can make a small pinhole camera with an oatmeal box--this is the traditional pinhole camera body. You poke a very small hole in one end of it. You put a piece of photographic film at the other end, and create a shutter out of a piece of duct tape. You can make a really large pinhole camera by doing the same thing but using your car as the camera body.

How do you get a clear picture using a pinhole camera?

In my opinion, you cannot, because of the limitations of the camera. See Why do pinhole cameras need to have small holes?

Pinhole camera and human eye similarities?

I think a pinhole camera is similar to the human eye because like the pinhole camera when it sees something it reflects the image but it is an inverted image. With the human eye the brain corrects it and turns it the right way up. The pinhole cameras image is not corrected because it does not have a lens.

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