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How do you diagnose a problem with Yukon Gold potatoes when leaves looked healthy one day and the next had brown sucken spots and the skin of a dug up potato was slimy and what are the remedies?


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June 03, 2007 4:08AM

No, no real remedies. It is potato blight,. caused by a fungus, usually airborne. It is the cause for the Great Potato famine that affected Ireland. About a million people starved and it was because of this that so many Irish migrated to North America. It was brought there by a shipload of bat guano from S. America and used as fertilizer. Most strains of potatoes now have some resistance built in. But, if you fertilized your plants with manure or live close to a feedlot, that is probably it. You should destroy the plants, try to sanitize the area in which they were grown and don't plant anything from the nightshade family there again. This is too bad, Yukon Gold is a nice variety. Probably says something about their resistance to blight. Try planting a different variety next year (in a different place, as discussed earlier). Try a russet or early red variety.