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How do you diagnose the problem if an 85 topaz' battery is failing?

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Take off the negative battery cable and hook a test light in between the cable and the battery post. If you have a drain, the light will be on. Start pulling fuses until the light goes off and when it does go off, that is the thing that is draining the battery. If no fuses affect it, take the altermator wires off. If the light goes off then, the alt is bad,.

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How can you get your battery light to go out in your 1989 Mercury topaz?

Get the alternator checked before your battery goes dead.

How do you hookup battery cables on a 1989 mercury topaz?

Black (-) negative to negative ground post of battery. Red (+) positive to the other post. + & - is listed on the battery.

Where is solenoid on 1992 topaz?

the solenoid is bolted to the driver's side inner fender,rite by the battery.

How many different types of topaz are there?

There are white topaz,anastasia topaz,automn topaz,golden topaz,rainbow topaz,peacock topaz,green topaz,london blue topaz,blush\pink topaz,garnet.

Where is the solenoid located on a 1993 mercury topaz?

The starter solenoid is on the left side fenderwell next to the battery.

Where is the ignition relay for 1989 Mercury Topaz?

Do you mean the solenoid, if so, follow the pos. battery cable.

Why does the alternator keep going bad in 1994 Mercury Topaz?

i have an 87 topaz where the alternator goes bad also. have replaced it twice. it is just a common problem in the topaz's

Where the radiator drain plug on a 1992 Mercury Topaz?

the drain nipple is on the bottom of the radiator on battery`s side.

Where is starter relay on 1994 topaz?

Just follow the positive battery cable, not far, and there it is.Under $ 20. to replace.

What is a Caribbean topaz?

Caribbean Topaz is a name for Titanium Treated Topaz commonly known as, Mystic Topaz.Caribbean Topaz is a name for Titanium Treated Topaz commonly known as, Mystic Topaz.

Where is the starter located on a 1992 mercury topaz?

Usally left side in front of transmission if not follow battery cable wire

What is the luster of topaz?

Luster of Topaz is Vitreous

What mountains can you find topaz?

Topaz Mountain is located in Utah (state gem is topaz) and it does have topaz in this mountain

Why is the Speedometer on 1990 mercury topaz not working?

I have the same problem hope someone tells us what to do Mel

Causes of battery amp warning light on mercury topaz?

Most likely the alt. not charging. Check it with a volt meter on the battery while the engine is running. Should read 14 or so volts.

What color of topaz can you get?

Topaz is a gemstone of all colors (Orange, yellow, brown, light blue to deep sky-blue, pink, colorless, white, light purple, greenish-blue, green), and its most valuable color is a golden orange-yellow, called "imperial topaz". Topaz is commonly thought of as a sky-blue gem, but it was not until this century that blue topaz became widespread on the gem market. Natural blue topaz with a deep hue is very uncommon in nature; colorless to light hued stones are heat-treated to achieve the blue color. Likewise, topaz rarely occurs naturally in pink; virtually all pink topaz is heat treated from yellow or brownish material. Some topaz from Russian localities are notorious for fading upon prolonged exposure to light. Stones from these localities are undesirable as gems. One should always inquire about the origin of the topaz before buying it to make sure it will not fade. Topaz of all different colors are used in jewelry. The orange, pink, and blue colors are most often cut for gems, and colorless topaz is sometimes cut with the brilliant cut, resembling diamond. Topaz is sometimes found as enormous flawless crystals, and some gigantic gems and faceted spheres have been formed from them, making unique and exquisite gem pieces. Topaz is rarely cut into cabochons.VARIETIESOn the gem market, topaz is usually classified by color. Below is a list of the color names designated for gem topaz:Pink TopazBlue TopazBrown TopazGreen TopazOther names may be designated to certain types of topaz:Precious Topaz - used to distinguish topaz from cheaper fakes, such as citrineImperial Topaz - lustrous orange-yellow to orange-brown variety of topaz (most valued)Silver Topaz - colorless topazSherry Topaz - orange-brown topazLondon Blue Topaz - deep blue topaz (the deepest blue form of topaz)Swiss Blue Topaz - deep blue topaz (not as deep blue as London blue topaz)Paraiba Topaz - sea-green topazFalse names:Smoky Topaz is also a false name for Topaz. It is used by unscrupulous dealers to describe Smoky Quartz.Hyacinth is an orange-yellow to yellow-brown variety of Topaz. Although the name Hyacinth usually is used to describe a gem variety of Zircon of that color, it is occasionally used for Topaz as well (usually in old manuscripts). Pycnite is a columnar variety of Topaz. It may also refer to a yellow-white variety Gold TopazGolden TopazMadeira TopazFalse TopazBrazilian TopazBahia TopazCitrine TopazBrazilian Topaz - yellow to yellow-brown sapphireIndian Topaz - yellow to yellow-brown sapphireKing Topaz - yellow to yellow-brown sapphireOriental Topaz - yellow to yellow-brown sapphireSmoky Topaz - unscrupulous name for cut smoky quartzStar Topaz - yellow star sapphireThere is also Mystic topaz, which is not a natural topaz is it made by adding some chemicals on the base on the colorless topaz to make it look colorful and is often cut in concave style to enhance the luster. Note: Citrine (a yellow-brown variety of Quartz) closely resembles yellow-brown Topaz. Unfortunately, unscrupulous dealers have adapted false name for Citrine so the unaware buyer thinks he is buying the more valuable Topaz. Any "Topaz" labeled with a prefix name (such as Gold Topaz, Madeira Topaz, False Topaz, Brazilian Topaz, Bahia Topaz, and Citrine Topaz) is heat-treated Citrine. However, there are three exceptions:

What slogans are there for topaz?

Translucent, transparent, transcendent. Topaz. See it, wear it, enjoy. Topaz. Need earrings? Need pendants? Need topaz.

How do you remove a starter on a 1993 Mercury Topaz?

Disconnect - battery cable Loosen 2 mounting bolts Remove wiring Drop starter

90 topaz alternator pulley starts smoking but is still charging the battery?

the belt is worn and loose change the belt and tension properly

Is topaz a sedimentary rock?

No, topaz is a mineral.

Is topaz a silicate?

Yes, topaz is a silicate.

Who found topaz?

Topaz was founded in Russia

What month is topaz?

Orange Topaz, also known as Precious Topaz, is the traditional November birthstone.

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