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How do you differentiate between bees wasps and hornets?

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1. Physical Appearance: A honeybee has more hair on its body than a yellowjacket wasp does. A yellowjacket's body is smoother. A honeybee also possesses pollen baskets located on both hind legs. A wasp does not have them. 2. Stinging Ability: A yellowjacket is very capable of withdrawing its stinger from the flesh and stinging again. A honeybee can only sting once because it cannot withdraw its stinger. Instead it is torn out of the insect's body along with the venom sac and remains anchored in the victim's flesh. The bee dies shortly afterward. 3. Nests: Yellowjackets construct their nests out of wood pulp (paper). They build their combs horizontally with the cells located on the bottom surface of each one. Honeybees construct their nests out of wax. They build their combs vertically with the cells located on both sides of each one. 4. Habits: Even their behavior is different. Yellowjackets expect something in return when they feed their larvae. The larvae are stimulated into secreting a sweet fluid from their salivary glands each time they are fed by an adult wasp. After giving the babies some food, the adults greedily lap up this cherished drink. This process is called trophallaxis (mutual feeding). It is very crucial for the bonding of the colony. It prevents the wasp community from breaking down. It is different with honeybees. They work for nothing in return from the larvae. Also, social wasps feed their young on chewed up insect prey ('hamburger'). Bees feed theirs on a mixture of nectar and pollen.

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Q: How do you differentiate between bees wasps and hornets?
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Do wasps eat hornets?

NO but Hornets eat bees

What do hornets eat?

Hornets eat eat flies, bees, and wasps.

What are the names of stinging insects?

Wasps, Hornets, and Bees.

What bees are in danger?

hornets wasps and yellow jackets

Do wasps have enemies?

wasps do have enemies probably things like bees,hornets,and/or spiders

What types of bees sting you?

bumble bees and black bees and some times hornets and wasps.

What insect is like a bee?

Wasps and hornets are similar to bees.

What animals have stingers?

Scorpions, wasps, hornets and bees have stingers.

Do large black bees which are in the blue salvia sting?

Most bees are not aggressive. Hornets and wasps are aggressive. If you have hornets, avoid that area or spray them.

Do you need a license to kill bees?

only bumble bees but not wasps or yellow jackets or hornets

Do bees have predators?

Yes: larger wasps and hornets, birds, dogs, and skunks eat bees.

What kind of bugs are found in the B horizon?

Well you have bees honeybees hornets bumble bees and wasps

Will hornets prey on apple gall wasps?

They got eaten by bees ETC.

Are hornets in New Zealand?

No. For which we are grateful. We have sandflies, mosquitoes and several wasps and bees.

What stinging insect eats baby grasshoppers?

Wasps,hornets,and sometimes bees

What are the names of animals that sting?

Bees, wasps, hornets, some ocean rays.

What bee has poison stingers?

Wasps, Hornets, Bubble Bees, and mainly all bees, try not to get stung at all!

What insects most closely resemble bees?

The closest in appearance to bees (bumble bees and honey bees) are the wasps and hornets, but their lifestyles are completely different.

Is there an insect that stings besides bees?

Yes. Wasps and hornets can sting, so can ants.

What animals sting?

scorpions bees spiders hornets wasps ticks millipedes centipedes

What animal live in a grist-hive-or swarm?

Wasps Bees and Hornets

What is the difference between hornetswasps bees mud dopper insects?

The difference between hornets wasps bees and mud douber insects ranges from the way they look to what and how they feed. What do they each look like ?

Which is worse a hornet or a wasp?

Both wasps and hornets can kill you but wasps are more aggressive though less common, really it depends on your personal health and the ratio of hornets to wasps like if there are hundreds of hornets and ten wasps, hornets are a bigger problem and if there are hundreds of wasps and ten hornets wasps are a bigger problem. personally I'd rather have a hornet after me than a wasp. Bees are great though they don't sting unless you hurt them and they are simply cool to have around.

What bees can sting?

Wasps,hornets, honey-bees, bumble bees, killer bees.Only the females (queen and workers) can sting, the males (drones) can't.

Do wasps carry venom?

Yes. Wasps, bees and hornets all have a venom is is used for defense, or for killing other insects for food.