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You can connect your DVD recorder to your VCR and copy the sound and visual to a DVD, you could also

use the camcorder connected to the DVD recorder.

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What is the function of sound Recorder?

The function of a sound recorder is to record audio from a microphone or headset. These recorded audio files can be saved in .wav. The .wav files are compressed or uncompressed recorded audio files.

What exactly does a Sony DVD recorder mean?

A Sony DVD recorder is a Sony brand device that will record DVDs for you. This means you can record information such as pictures, files, music, or movies onto a DVD.

How do you record voice files to an iPod?

you can buy an add on for the iPod from best buy or futureshop, which makes the iPod into a recorder, and voila, you can record voice

What can I do with an HP dvd recorder?

With an HP dvd recorder, you can record files onto a dvd whether it be movies, music, or pictures. It's a great piece of hardware to have on your computer.

Can you record wav files with Windows Media Player?

Not with windows media player. You can however record them with sound recorder. Which can be found here: %SystemRoot%\system32\sndrec32.exe

I have an external microphone and I want a cheap good quality audio recorder that I can plug my mic into and record for my film I am also wanting it to be easy to access through a laptop suggestions?

The Zoom H4N records MP3 or WAV files directly to SD cards, These can be plugged directly into most modern laptops.

How do you get files off of the orb of occulus on runescape?

It doesn't record, just sets the camera angle to a different position. You must record it with another screen recorder while using it.

What are the key features to look for in a DVD recorder?

The key features in a DVD recorder include but are not limited to the device's ability to read MP3 files, store JPEG files on CDs, and to read DivX files as well.

How do you delete your Recordings from your HTC Hero?

Go to the Little Arrow at the bottom of your home screen When your there Scroll down to Voice Recorder Make a record Before exiting out of that page push Menu Push Delete Push Multiple Files Click on the Files you want to delete Then Push Donee.

How do you recover deleted digital voice recording files if you have deleted them manually on the device? I have recoved all my files I have Olympus digital USB recorder.You'll need a voice recorder file recovery software. BUT you should stop any activity and stop using the recorder immediatly in case the deleted recordings are overwritten.

Definition of files record and field.?

The columns in a file is called as field. The rows in a file is called as record. Records are joined together to form files.

Can you post PowerPoints on YouTube?

You cannot post PowerPoint files directly to YouTube. However, you can record them with a screen recording software, such as Hypercam. It will save that as a video file. You will be able to upload it.

How do you recover deletd voice files from voice recorder?

First things first - Better take the internal hard drive or memory card (stick) out of your digital voice recorder. And DO NOT save more files (do not take more recordings) to the mass media.Then install a recorder recovery software on your PC. Then connect the mass storage device to the computer.One more tip: before your deleted or lost files are retrieved, it is strongly recommended NOT to take more voice memos or other recording with the digital voice recorder. The purpose is to increase better chances of lost voice recorder audio file recovery in case overwritten happens.

How do you protect files from being lost on your computer?

Record all your files through your CD ROM on a DVD-RW, using UDF system so that you can modify, erase or record new files. (Just drag the files onto the CD-ROM folder.

How does a digital voice recorder work?

A digital voice recorder works by capturing analog audio through a microphone and storing it in digital files. Some digital voice recorders are voice operated.

How do you get files off of a laptop after disassembling it?

You can connect the laptop hard drive directly to your desktop and get your files back.

What is a good screen capture?

It depends on how do you define "good". For me, a good screen capture should have options to record both video and audio (from system and microphone). It records in high quality, with stunning features to enhance the recorded files. Also, there is no limit on recording time and allow me to customize watermark. This is why Joyoshare Screen Recorder can be my best choice.

How did you save files from to gmail to your desktop?

You can directly download files from your GMAIL account. There is a download option with every attachment. This makes saving files easily locally.

What are the recorder notes for Rolling in the Deep?

buy them at store like music stores where else would it be except if there is pdf files

How do you move DVR files to a DVD?

Here is how you can move DVR Files to DVD: Start by inserting the correct type of recordable DVD into the DVD recorder. It should say on the recorder and in the manual whether you need DVD+R/RW or DVD-R/RW. Next you need to choose the recording speed for the DVD, either SP, LP, or EP; LP and EP will help in allowing more recording time on the disc, but the quality will not be as good as you would expect. Now, play the DVR recording, and press Record on the DVD recorder. You should be able to press Record on either the box itself of the remote control. You can pause the recorder if one show ends and then you want to record another on the same disc. But see that you do not press Stop until you are finished. Finally just check in the DVD after recording so it becomes a DVD video which can be played in other machines also. The user manual should say how to finalise discs on your machine. Hope it helps.

How do you open ISU files?

ISU files are not meant to be opened directly. They are opened by running the uninstall program that comes with the software.

How do you record audio files on the Pantech jest?

go to media center, music& tones, my sounds, and record new

How do you get the files for updating files in windows OS software?

You can directly update your Windows 8 through internet. You must have the admin rights.

Can you record downloaded MP 3 music files to CD?


If you file for divorce but drop the request does it go on public record still?

Yes. Divorce files are part of the public record.