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You can connect your DVD recorder to your VCR and copy the sound and visual to a DVD, you could also

use the camcorder connected to the DVD recorder.

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Q: How do you directly record video files from a cam corder to a DVD using a DVD recorder?
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What is the function of sound Recorder?

The function of a sound recorder is to record audio from a microphone or headset. These recorded audio files can be saved in .wav. The .wav files are compressed or uncompressed recorded audio files.

What exactly does a Sony DVD recorder mean?

A Sony DVD recorder is a Sony brand device that will record DVDs for you. This means you can record information such as pictures, files, music, or movies onto a DVD.

How do you record voice files to an iPod?

you can buy an add on for the iPod from best buy or futureshop, which makes the iPod into a recorder, and voila, you can record voice

What can I do with an HP dvd recorder?

With an HP dvd recorder, you can record files onto a dvd whether it be movies, music, or pictures. It's a great piece of hardware to have on your computer.

Can you record wav files with Windows Media Player?

Not with windows media player. You can however record them with sound recorder. Which can be found here: %SystemRoot%\system32\sndrec32.exe

How do you get files off of the orb of occulus on runescape?

It doesn't record, just sets the camera angle to a different position. You must record it with another screen recorder while using it.

I have an external microphone and I want a cheap good quality audio recorder that I can plug my mic into and record for my film I am also wanting it to be easy to access through a laptop suggestions?

The Zoom H4N records MP3 or WAV files directly to SD cards, These can be plugged directly into most modern laptops.

What are the key features to look for in a DVD recorder?

The key features in a DVD recorder include but are not limited to the device's ability to read MP3 files, store JPEG files on CDs, and to read DivX files as well.

How do you record music on the computer?

I use AudiCable Audio Recorder.'s the best audio recorder I've ever used. It has both Windows and Mac versions. You can record music from Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, Tidal Music. Deezer and other sources in a widely-used format, such as MP3. The original quality of the music files can be kept.

How do you delete your Recordings from your HTC Hero?

Go to the Little Arrow at the bottom of your home screen When your there Scroll down to Voice Recorder Make a record Before exiting out of that page push Menu Push Delete Push Multiple Files Click on the Files you want to delete Then Push Donee.

Definition of files record and field.?

The columns in a file is called as field. The rows in a file is called as record. Records are joined together to form files.

Can you post PowerPoints on YouTube?

You cannot post PowerPoint files directly to YouTube. However, you can record them with a screen recording software, such as Hypercam. It will save that as a video file. You will be able to upload it.

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