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If your key fob is not working and every time you try to start the car the alarm goes on try these steps: (These work on my '99 VW Jetta) 1. Unlock the door (so you can get in, of course...) 2. Open the trunk of the car (these will disable the alarm). 3. Now you can start the car. 4. Make sure to close the trunk (unless you're in for some adventure :p) rotate the key counterclockwise in the drivers side door it will unarm the alarm.

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โˆ™ 2009-07-11 01:22:18
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Q: How do you disable an alarm in a 1997 volkswagen jetta without keyless entry?
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How do you disable the alarm on a 97 Volkswagen cabrio?

snip the wire going to the alarm.

Can you have a car alarm without remote keyless entry?

Yes, you can have a car alarm without remote keyless entry. You can read more at or

How do you disable alarm on Mitsubishi montero sport with out alarm key?

To disable the alarm on the Mitsubishi Montero sport without the alarm key you have to open the door. Otherwise it is not possible.

How do you disable a factory alarm system for a ford ranger?

To disable the factory alarm system on a Ford Ranger, you would have to disconnect the remote entry module (REM). However, if you do that, the keyless remote and driver's door keypad will no longer work.

How do you disable the alarm on a 2004 Honda CRV without the remote?

when I replace the fuse for the interior lights on my 2004 CVR the alarm sounds, can I simply disconnect the power to the alarm (if I can locate it) to disable it,......

How do you disable the alarm that won't turn off for 1999 Honda passport or izusu rodeo?

The alarm will go off if the keyless entry has quit working. the keyless entry and alarm module is behind the glove box in the right corner. There is no way to bypass this module. The dealership will charge you out the ass for a new one. But back to the point, the key will disable the alarm. When the alarm goes off when you unlock the driver or passenger door, lock the driver door and unlock it again with the key. It should go off the first time you unlock it, but if it doesn't, lock it and unlock it again. This should disable the alarm. Atleast it does on my Rodeo.

How do you disable a car alarm on a 2001 Ford Taurus?

Are you talking about a standard keyless entry that comes with remote? Don't know. Was this alarm system a step up from a standard kind? That i don't know. ..

How do you disable the seat belt alarm on a Chevy Colorado?

To disable the seat belt alarm on a Chevy Colorado, locate the alarm fuse. Pull out the fuse to disable the alarm.

How to Disable car alarm on VW beetle?

i have a 2000 Volkswagen beetle i need to know how to disable the alarm the inside of my key got messed up and now i cant take the alarm off, and i tried when u put the key in the door ( sometimes it disables alarm , or put down/up windows ) but if anybody knows how to disable it or knows which fuse i need to take out let me know thanx

How do you disable the alarm on a 1999 Saturn sl1?

that easy take out your alarm out your car i m sure your alarm will be disable

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How do you disable the alarm system on a 1998 yukok

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