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Theres a plug under the drivers seat/the drivers seat is pluged into/if this is connected the chimes will drive you crazyalso the headlight has a chime on some cars to tell you the lights are on with the key turned off

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โˆ™ 2005-09-17 22:35:27
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Q: How do you disable an alarm that is continuously beeping on a 1989 Probe that seems to be coming from the vicinity of the Speed Alarm or Keyboard area above the stereo?
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How do you disable the seatbelt warning sensor on a 1991 Honda civic the light and beeping sound go continuously and will cost 900 to fix Obviously im not going to pay that you need to just disable it?

I'm having a similar problem. The passengar seat belt will not close, which causes the beeping to never end. Currently, I have disabled the beeping. I removed the door panel on the side with the problem, unplugged the grey connector and placed a wire in the plug shorting it out to fool it into thinking the door is still open. Kevin

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You'll have to find the manual that came with your security system or contact the installer to get one.

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