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How do you disable the horn on a 1987 VW Jetta GL?

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You can do this one of two ways. The first and easy way to do this would be to remove the horn panel on you steering wheel and disconnect the clips from the horn button but b sure to use electrical tape so they do not touch each other. Or the second way would be to climb under the car and disconnect the wires from the horn itself.

2016-08-21 22:15:48
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Spark plugs sequence for a 1987 jetta gl?

Spark plugs sequence for a 1987 jetta gl?

Is a windshield from a 1995 jetta compatible with a 1997 jetta gl?

yes it is

Does the 1996 Jetta GL have AC?

Yes the 96 GL comes standard with AC.

What does gl stand for in the 2002 vw jetta gl?

Well usually GL stands for Grand Luxury Edition...but on the Jetta, GL is the bottom line....who know. But it makes sense for the GLS to be Grand Luxury Sport A: It Means "Good Luck!"

Change spark plugs in 93 jetta?

Where are the spark plugs located on a 1997 jetta gl

What is the oil capacity of 1998 VW Jetta GL?

if the jetta is the 1.8 gl engine then it will require 5 litres of 10w/40 semi synthetic engine oil.

How do you start up a 1989 Jetta GL?

turn the key

What is the difference between a VW Jetta gl and a VW Jetta gls?

th different between is the interior , gl have sunroof only , the gls have everything , full poer , sunroof , leather...

How do you disable the horn on a 1994 VW Jetta GL?

This is a strange question, something is making think that this is a beighbours car or somebody else which has been annoying you with their horn! The horn itself is usually tucked away behind the front grill, simply pull off a wire or cut it. You will need to open the bonnet though to access it from above. If this IS your own car though, it's worth remembering that it might technically make the car illegal to drive or at least, it would not pass an MOT without the horn.

Where can you find a 94 jetta gl alarm system diagram?

You can find a 94 Jetta GL alarm system diagram in the vehicle's owner's manual. You can also find it at local auto stores.

Where is coolant drain plug on 97 jetta?

Define 1997 Jetta: GL, GT, TDI, GLS or GLX model?

Does 2000 jetta have electric brake pad sensor?

Yes 2000 Jetta GL does have front brake pad sensors.

If a 1990 Jetta GL head gasket is blown will the engine run rough?


Where are the oil pressure sensors on 1995 VW Jetta GL 2.0L?

The oil pressure sensor on a 1995 VW Jetta GL 2.0L is located on the bottom of the engine, near the oil pan. It provides oil pressure information to the vehicle's computer.

Does a 2001 jetta gl have a distributor cap?

No. They are coil packs and each spark plug has its own.

Where is the transmission code located on a 98 VW Jetta GL?

its on the top of the bellhowsing and on the differential case

What is the tire size on a 2000 jetta?

195/65-15 for the GL 4-cylinder model.

Where does the antifreeze go in a 1997 Volkwagen Jetta GL?

It goes into the expansion tank connected to the radiator.

Where is the transmission seal located on a 1999 jetta gl?

under the bottom of the transmission remove the pan.

How do you change water pump 1997 vw jetta gl?

Which motor? 1.8 1.9 2.0 2.8?

How do open the glove box on a vw jetta gl 1996?

Hard to open a glove box that doesn't exist. because the mk3 jetta doesn't come with a glove box.

What is the difference between the GL and GLX Jetta?

Jetta GL is the bottom of the barrel for jettas. they tend to come 2.0 liter 4cyl and plain interior. GLX comes fully loaded just about with leather sunroof and all wheel drive v6 2.8 ltr. My choice GLX.

How do you check and adjust ignition timing on jetta gl 1997?

On the newer cars like the Jetta there is no timing adjustment as it is set on the fly y the engine computer in accordance with sensor inputs.

Where is the blower motor located on a 1994 VW Jetta III GL?

I have an '89 Jetta and the blower motor is located behind the glove box. The motor can be accessed by removing the glove box.

How do you replace the water pump on a 1988 VW Jetta GL?

I just want to know when do i have to replace the water tank.