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If its anything like my 2000 Wrangler, there's a switch on the floor just in front of the shifter. You just insert your ignition key into it and turn toward "off". Your best bet would be to check your manual though.

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Q: How do you disable the passenger airbag on a 2004 Jeep Wrangler?
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How do you disable the passenger airbag in a 2004 Jeep Wrangler?

According to the site below, most vehicles have an airbag on/off switch. Please see the link below for more information.

How do you Disable passenger airbag in Hyundai accent 2004?

You will need to remove the fuse identified as "passenger airbag". the fuse box is located on the driver's side kick panel.

Is there an Airbag switch for the passenger seat on a 2004 Chrysler Sebring lxi convertible?


Does the 2004 Toyota Sienna have an airbag occupancy sensor in the passenger seat?

Yes it does

How do you enable passengers airbag on 2004 Jeep Liberty?

The passenger airbag is on a Weight Detection System. The only way to enable it is to Bypass the weight detector.

Why does your passenger airbag off light periodicaly come on in my 2004 Honda accord?

This is a safety feature that is designed to turn off the passenger airbag if there is a child (or smaller adult) in the passenger seat that the airbag is not designed for. If there isn't anyone/anything in the seat while this is happening, this would suggest a faulty sensor.

Can you disable the passenger side air bag in a 2004 Toyota Matrix?

You could always unplug it but the airbag light would stay on. To fix that you could remove the bulb from your cluster. WARNING: while doing any tampering with airbag circuits etc. make sure to disconnect your car battery. Failure to do so could cause inflation of the airbag which would damage your dash. -Dalisword-

What causes a 2004 Alero Passenger airbag buckles in the heat?

They are junk! all 2004 passenger air bags are peeling up and dashes are also bubbling. G.M. should be ashamed of themselves

How do you install child seat in a 2004 reg cab silverado?

First, ensure that the child seat is not in front of a working air bag. If installing in the passenger seat, disable the airbag. Otherwise, install as normal using either the LATCH system or the seatbelt.

How do you disable the passenger airbag on a Dodge RAM 2500 Double Cabin?

If there is no key to turn the airbag off, then you cannot legally do this. You can apply for a waver to allow for the disabling of the airbag. My question is, Why are you wanting to disable the airbag. Airbags save lives. Put the children in the rear. If this is a later model vehicle then there is a sensor in the seat that automatically shuts the air bag off when it senses something or someone in the seat. If the person o object isn't heavy enough, the sensor shuts the airbag off and there should be an indicator light somewhere on the dash that informs you the airbag is off. Both my 2004 Liberty and 2007 Pacifica do this. I don't recommend placing children in the front but if you do, and your vehicle is equipped with this feature, the airbag should shut off.

How do you disable airbag of 2004 Pontiac?

You can pull the airbag fuse, disconnect sir yellow wire at steering column that goes to the clockspring, or disconnect the battery neg cable. The last is foolproof but will clear out anything with a memory.

Where is the leak detection pump on a 2004 jeep wrangler?

I believe it is behind the rear passenger tire. You have to pull out the plastic in the wheel well to get to it.

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