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How do you disable the seat belt warning buzzer on a 2005 GM Sierra truck?

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I got thePut it on. (Tada!) You're traveling at 50 sum mph in a 4000 lb. piece of steel, why wouldn't you want to be strapped into it. If you get knocked out of the driver's seat by an impact, you wont be able to control it further... causing more death and destruction. The warning buzzer is designed to prevent this from happening by annoying you until you finally give in and buckle up. People think it is a quick and easy way for the police to make money off of you because they shouldn't be concerned about your safety because you chose to leave it off. Heads up: Of course they don't care if you die, they are more concerned about who else you kill besides yourself. Think, vehicle without a driver in the seat. Stop being a teenager... and wear your seatbelt. An AlternativeThe buzzer won't sound if you disconnect the small black plug at the base of the driver's belt buckle (near the floor). It's a set of two black wires. If the model doesn't have a plug, simply cutting and taping each wire off will also do the trick.
2015-07-15 20:50:21
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