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How do you disable the theft deterrent system in a Ford Windstar?


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2011-01-21 11:01:03
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I am looking for the same answer... it does not start and it appears the anti-theft is causing it.

I read the question and thought I'd add my 2 cents.

I read in manual (2001 Windstar LX) that the keys can become un-keyed/disabled and need reprogramed. It had instructions and if that failed then you'd have to get one from dealer. (it strongly suggests getting an extra before you need it)

I don't think we can disbale the system but I will check if the manual has any suggestions.


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my truck is switched off and i found there is fuse in the main board was burned and i change it and its happend the same again its burned the fuse is related to theft deterrent system

the 1985 cressida is like the 1986, the way to disable the system is with the key on either doors,

The theft deterrent systems on modern cars are integrated with the engine and body computers. They can not be disabled. You would be better of repairing the system to work properly than making any any attempts to disable it.

The theft deterrent system will not work.

First, disarm the theft deterrent system. Then you can power off and disconnect it.

It would be improper to answer a question that could aid a car thief, Sorry

This forum is not for giving out any information that is either illegal or immoral. You can go to a dealership and see if they will do it for you.

you don't its hard-programmed into the vehicle PCM. It's IMPOSSIBLE to delete

it disables the starter and the fuel injectors

The alarm system can be disabled by unplugging the brain. The brain must first be located. It is recommended this be done by a professional as incorrectly disarming a anti-theft unit will lead to a car that will not be able to be started.

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t is improper to answer a question that could aid a thief.

Taking out the fuse labeled for this system will disable it. However the imobolizer is effectively part of that system, which means disabling it will render the car unstartable. If there is no fuse labeled for that purpose, then it is most likely wired into the ignition power source.

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Are you talking about PATS (passive anti theft system) that uses a special key to start the vehicle? if so email me your vehicle make, model and year and I will help you danny20076@gmail dot com

According to the owner's manual: Content Theft-Deterrent Your vehicle may have a content theft-deterrent alarm system.

you have to install a special by pass module specifically made for your car try looking somewhere they sell remote start kits.

In most cases the theft deterrent system in your 2007 Chevrolet Impala will reset itself in 10 minutes. You can also remove the fuse for 10 seconds and replace it to reset the system.

Turn ignition switch on ,(don't start car) for about 10 min that will disable theft system.

The theft deterrent system is built into the Body Control Module. There are sensors and switches that affect the BCM throughout your car so you need to be more specific as to what you're looking for.

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