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all door ajar switches bad? not likely. try closing the doors one at a time until you find which one or ones are bad. to remove the door panels there are two bolts under the arm rest remove and slide the panel up. on front door you will have to remove the triangle moulding at the a pilar ussally black. and remove the Phillips screw. the door ajar swithes are in the latch assembly. make sure not to mix up left from right as they only fit one way. remove all the rods on the latch before removing the latch from the door. this will prevent any bending of the rods. the switch has a half turn install. make sure when installing the new one, that it dose not move when put back in. if it dose you have the wrong switch or it is not installed correctly.

All you need to do is to spray WD40 on all the door latches!! works every time...

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Q: How do you disasemble interior doors to replace door ajar switches on 99 Ford F-350 crew cab and how could all the door ajar switches go bad at once?
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Why does interior light stay on vw?

One of the door switches could be stuck. Or the interior light switch could be going bad. See if the open door light is staying on, of if the interior light switch seems stuck or loose.

What can you do if a 99 Chevy Malibu lights come on when the door is closed and the engine is off killing battery?

First verify that you do not have the interior lights switched on using the panel (instrument illumination) dimmer switch. Verify that door switches are working normally and doors are closed. Then, if all of that is well and you do not have any damaged wiring, replace the BCM. Also, you could pull the fuse out, but then you wouldn't have any interior lights. Ditto if you pull the bulb out.

How do you fix the interior lights of a 1992 SC if they dont work but the fuses are good?

Sometimes the light switch will wear and ground out, which then u need to replace it. But 1st check all your door switches, you know the little retractable nipple that the door pushes in when shut. They are in the cars inner door frame when you open the door. One could be bad?

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Why would the dome and interior lights not turn off in a 1990 Sunbird?

There are several things that can cause it. One of the door switches may be misadjusted, the headlight switch adjusted so the interior lights come on or a malfuncton in the headlight switch. You just have to check it out. those things check out fine. is there a module that could be the problem?

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Reverse lights comes on in 5th gear could this be a faulty light switch if so where is it so i could replace it?

most switches would be underneath gearbox, yes it sounds like that, a simple job , manual would show you. Check your computer switch box and see if the reverse lights switch is damaged. If so, replace it. It costs 2 SAR

Why does the power sliding door on the driver's side of my 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan not open nor close when I push the buttons on the front console or the door pillars?

There are several reasons this may happen. It could be the buttons on the door pillar console themselves, the switches inside of them are not working. It could also be the body computer, which is responsible for relaying the signal from the switches to the door motors. Another thing to check would be to see if the switches on the door pillars are getting power. Check all of your fuses and replace any that may have blown.

Why do interior lights blink on a Dodge Intrepid?

It could be one of two things. Check all your doors to make sure they are closing properly. if so then check the switches. it should either be a pin swith somewhere in the door jamb of it might be inside the door where the latch is

Why won't the interior lights go off in 1995 Oldsmobile cutlass ciera?

Sometimes the instrument panel dimmer switch also has another "detent" that turns on the interior lights without one opening one of the doors. The other thing that could have happened is that one of the door switches may have a loose wire, which would "open" the switch and cause the lights to stay on.

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How do you fix power door locks on 1993 Lincoln Town Car?

The most commen problem with all power options are the switches themselves. If you have both driver and passenger switches and both are not working and they went out at the same time it could just be a fuse. If they quit working independent of each other it is probably the switches. To replace them (depending on the location) either a plate comes off to give access to the switch(then just pry or pull it out)or a door panel has to come off to give you access. Replacement switches can be purchased off e-bay(best price) or the dealer.

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I could not be sure about your particular problem, but I had to replace the Multi-Function and Turn signal switches in a 96 Lumina for similar strange problems of Brakes and signals not working in particular scenarios.

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How do i get my windows up when the buttons dont work on a 95 poniac grand am?

Sounds like you have a bad power window motor. If that is not the case then the switches could be bad. Check them out with a test light to see if they are sending a signal. If they are then replace the power window motor.

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