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How do you disassemble a 12 gauge JC Higgins Model 20 pump shotgun?


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The manual can be downloaded here: http://www.histandard.info/manuals/sears/index.html

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There is a ammo clip for a J C Higgins shotgun model 58324 16 gauge. You can buy it as a replacement part.

what is a. jc Higgins pump shot gun. model 20-12 gauge worth??

When was the J.C. Higgins Model 101.0 12Gauge Shotgun Made

Stevens made jc Higgins shotguns ,the model 311 interchanges with the jc Higgins

it.s an early 50s model...semi automatic shotgun..

Stevens 947y This shotgun is a Savage 940,940Y,or 940B

what is the value of the jc Higgins model 5834 today

I dont know, but can you tell me how to disassemble it?

It is a Stevens Model 250A, made by them for Sears, using the Sears J.C. Higgins trade name.

The JC Higgins 12 gauge pump action shotgun, model 20-1264 583.55 is valued at $175 in excellent condition. In fair condition, it is valued at $90.

Your 12 g pump shotgun was made for Sears by the High Standard Company- it was their Flite King model shotgun.


There is no serial number on your shotgun. Serial numbers were not required befroe 1968.

The JC Higgins 583.16 is a bolt-action 12ga shotgun made for Sears by High Standard in 1948/1949.

yes 583 1 is the first J C Higgins shotgun model and yes it is 12 gauge .It was manufactured by Harrington & Richardson for Sears in 1945

The value of the 410 Sears and Roebuck JC Higgins Model 101 shotgun varies greatly with its condition. In excellent condition the gun retails for about 250 dollars or so.

More than one JC Higgins 12 g semi. and more than one set of instructions. You did not give us a model number.

My dad bought this shotgun for me when I was 16 years old which would have been in 1961-62 era.

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