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Good detail strip and reassembly videos for series 80 1911's and some good tricks to put those tricky parts back in!

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How do you disassemble a RG Model 42 25 caliber pistol?

Ask a gunsmith for help

How do you disassemble an RG 42 caliber .25 pistol?

Best left to a gunsmith

How do you disassemble a 45 caliber colt mk IV pistol?

Best to ask a gunsmith for help.

How do you disassemble the Danton 25 caliber pistol?

take it to a gunsmith to insure disassembly is done right.

How do you reassemble 45 caliber Colt Combat Commander pistol?

Visit and search "reassemble 1911". The commander model is the same as the government model, when it comes to assembly. There are variances depending on what accessories or upgrades you have on your 1911.

How do you disassemble a CBC 32 caliber auto pistol?

Your best bet is to find a gunsmith and ask for help.

How do you disassemble a 40 caliber s and w automatic pistol?

You can request a manual for free at the S&W website.

How do you disassemble a Beretta 40 caliber pistol?

Contact Berett for a owner's manual or find a gunsmith and ask for help

What is the term for the hammer with the hole in it on a colt combat commander pistol?

Ring hammer.

How do you breakdown a 1911 45 caliber pistol?

Request an owner's manual from the manufacturer. Not all 1911 types disassemble the same.

Why was the 45 caliber semi-automatic pistol created?

For use in WW1. A bigger caliber was needed for close combat fighting!

What is a Colt .45 Combat Commander pistol in good condition worth?

50-450 usd

How do you disassemble a 25 caliber colt pistol?

Go to this site and click on Colt .25 hammerless. It will bring up the instuctions

What does a 22 caliber pistol hold?

A 22 caliber pistol holds a dose of 22 caliber ammo.

How do you put together your 45 caliber colt commander pistol?

Go to Colt's web site and request an owner's manual.

What is the year of production of a Colt Combat Commander 45 semi-auto pistol serial number 70BS62xxx?

Based on the records I have, that Colt commander was made in 1977.

What is the value of a Combat Commander Colt Automatic Caliber 45 pistol?

750$ to 1000$ and it really depends on the condition. ============ Besides condition, it also depends on model and modifications. I purchased a basic used one for $500 and a gunsmith "tricked out" one for $1500.

What is the value of a Colt Combat Commander Series 70 9mm satin finish pistol?

value depends on overall condition............

How to disassemble a 45 colt pistol?


Disassemble an M70 pistol?

on the right side of a crvena zastava-cal 7.65mm mod70 pistol you will see a round pin above the trigger push that pin out and the pistol will disassemble by pulling the slide forward. johnny

How do you load 38 caliber Iver Johnson pistol?

how to breakdown and load 38 caliber iver johnson pistol?

How do you fire your 132 Benjamin Franklin air pistol?

This is a .22 caliber air pistol not a .177 caliber pistol. See the link below for the owners manual.

What is the highest caliber rifle which is legal to purchase in Canada without a permit?

The 50 caliber pistol is the highest pistol which can be purchased without the need for a permit. Some pistol shotguns exist which can be 75 caliber weapons.

How do you disassemble a walther 22 pistol?

You need the services of a gunsmith.

What was the caliber of the Lone Rangers Pistol?

Caliber .45 long Colt

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