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Power does not go to the battery, it comes from the battery, except when the car is running. At that time power does go to the battery from the alternator. Disconnect the + battery terminal.

2006-09-04 13:12:27
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Why should you disconnect the battery prior to cleaning a vehicle with solvents?

So any spilt fluid will not connect the terminals.

How do you jump start a 1988 Honda Shadow?

Connect the bad battery to a good battery with jumper cables. Connect the positive terminals first, then the negative terminals. Now try to start the engine. When finished, disconnect the jumper cables in reverse order.

How do you wire a 30A 240VAC disconnect?

You connect the "hot" incoming wires to the top terminals of the disconnect and the wires going to the load to the bottom terminals of the disconnect.

What function is performed by battery terminals?

The function of battery terminals is to connect a load or charger to a cell battery. Battery terminals are necessary and common in a lot of batteries.

How do you connect a digital voltmeter to a battery?

Just connect the two terminal of DMM to respective terminals of battery...

What happens when you connect the car positive and negative battery terminals together Will this reset car computers?

If you connect the terminals together with them unhooked from the battery and the engine off, yes that is also called a capacitive discharge.If you connect the terminals together with them unhooked from the battery and the engine off, yes that is also called a capacitive discharge.

When removing the battery leads from the terminals you do what first?

Disconnect the negative - terminal first, then the positive + terminal. Unfasten the battery hold down clamp. When reinstalling the terminal connections connect the positive terminal first.

Should you connect both ends of a battery in a circuit?

it is necessary to connect both the terminals of a battery to a circuit for current to flow through it..!!

Alternator replacement for 1998 Toyota rav 4?

Wear safety goggles and disconnect battery terminals from battery. Remove serpentine belt, then remove all electric connectors and bolts securing alternator. Replace with new part and re-install all electric connectors and bolts securing it. Re-connect battery terminals and your done.

How do you disconnect and reconnect your battery on your 98 Cadillac?

Disconnect the negative cable first and connect the same negative terminal last when installing the new battery.

How do you replace the positive battery cable on a 1997 Buick LeSabre?

Disconnect the cable from the LeSabre battery. Follow the route of the cable and disconnect the other end. Pull the cable out, then fit the new cable in the same direction. Connect the non battery end, then connect to the battery.

How do you make a circuit with a light bulb and battery?

Take two wires, use them to connect the terminals on the light bulb and the battery.

What cable do you connect first on a car battery?

Disconnect the negative cable first when disconnecting a car battery

How do you connect a voltmeter to a battery?

To measure the total emf simply connect the battery and voltmeter with the right terminals , but to measure the terminal potential difference which is less than the emf the voltmeter is connected in parallel with the battery

Replace battery for keyless remote for GM Cars?

Generally the solution to these problems is don't disconnect the battery from the car. In order to change you battery you need to connect a small 12 volt battery to the terminals before you disconnect the car battery. It need not be a large battery since the drain will be minimal and the time short. A set of flashlight batteries works fine. Mercedes are particularily difficult because you loose the radio among other things if you disconnect the battery. You must get a dealer to reset it. This negates anything you save by installing your own battery. Note a battery charger also works.

When jumping a dead battery are the positive terminals connected last?

No, always connect the negative last.

How do you put a car battery in your car?

Disconnect negative cable first from old battery and connect it last when installing new battery.

How do you change the battery cables on a 1997 Nissan pickup?

Disconnect the cables at the 1997 Nissan battery. After following one cable to the other end, disconnect it then pull it out. Feed the new cable in the same way. Connect the non battery end. Do the same for the other cable then connect the cables to the battery.

How do you make a led glow by the help of battery?

Connect one wire from the LED to each of the terminals on a battery - provided the battery has enough power, the LED will glow !

How do you test your alternator with volt meter?

There are a number of ways to test an alternator, 1,Set your voltmeter to DC most preferable set the meter to 20volts.2,with the engine running, disconnect one of the battery terminals from the battery head. 2,connect the voltmeter to the battery terminal wires and take your reading.

How do you charge battery on a Honda 2003 ace?

Remove the battery from under the driver's seat. Connect it to a small battery charger suitable for motorbikes. Connect the leads to the terminals. Charge until the meter on the charger shows that the battery is fully charged.

How do you build a simple series circuit?

Take a battery. Connect wires to both terminals. Connect them to a light bulb correctly. It should light.

What is the proper way to disconnect and connect the batteres on a 350 ford diesel?

no matter what vehical it is, the proper way to disconnect a battery is to disconnect the ground side first ,then the positive side to reconnect it is exactly opposite you connect positive side irst then connect ground side ground side in case your not sure is the negative side of battery

How to replace 91 Chevy blazer battery cables?

disconnect the 91 blazer cables at the battery. One at a time, disconnect the cable at the opposite end, then pull it out. Put the new cable in, routing it the same way, then connect the non battery end. do the same for the other cable, then connect the cables to the battery.

When removing the battery leads from terminals you remove what first?

Remove the negative cable first and when installing the new battery connect the negative last.