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You just need to disconnect the negative side of the battery, which should be labeled. You're gonna need a socket wrench in order to do it. And possibly some pliers with a rubber handle in order to get the cables out of the way easily without shocking yourself; because the battery does still produce power even after you take it off, this just stops the power from going to anything in the car. I just recently had to do this in order to install subs and an amp in my 97 passat. Hope this helps.

2008-03-25 07:44:46
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How replace 2002 Ford Focus battery cable?

heres the procedure straight from the ford repair manualBattery CablesRemovalAll vehiclesDisconnect the battery ground cables. Disconnect the auxiliary ground cables.Disconnect the battery ground cableDisconnect the battery power cables. Disconnect the auxiliary ground cables.Disconnect the battery power cable.Disconnect the mass air flow (MAF) sensor electrical connectorDisconnect the positive crankcase ventilation (PCV) tube.Detach the air cleaner and secure to one sideDisconnect the ground cableDetach the battery cables from the retaining clipsDisconnect the starter motor solenoid electrical connectorDisconnect the engine ground cable. Raise and support the vehicle.Disconnect the starter motor electrical connectorsDisconnect the generator electrical connectorRemove the battery cables To install, reverse the removal procedure

How to disconnect power to the battery in 2006 mini?

Disconnect the negative battery cable.

How do you disconnect power to the battery on a 99 Plymouth Breeze 2.4 so you can connect things to the terminals?

Power does not go to the battery, it comes from the battery, except when the car is running. At that time power does go to the battery from the alternator. Disconnect the + battery terminal.

How do you cut power source to battery in car?

Disconnect the negative battery cable.

What is the importance of an electrical switch?

It allow you to disconnect power to an electrical device with the flip of a switch.

How do you cut all power to a car without touching the battery?

Disconnect the battery cable, you do not have to touch the battery.

How do you unplug a Camry power cable?

You have to disconnect the negative cable from the battery.

Remove brake light on a 2005 chev aveo?

remove the power chip or disconnect the battery and then disconnect it manually!!

What is a source in an electrical circuit?

a battery or power supply

Whenever your MacBook is connected to a power adapter to recharge battery it keeps switching from battery reserve power to recharging why?

If the battery of your MacBook is fully charged whilst you have the power cable plugged in, then the MacBook will switch to battery power instead of wasting electrical power from the plug. Once the battery is run down again, the Macbook will switch back to electrical power from the plug.

What happens after chemical energy from a battery turns into electrical energy?

The electrical energy provides power. When the chemical energy is depleted, the battery will not longer generate electrical energy.

Why does my 1996 ford mustang not have any electrical power from battery?

Poor cable connections to the battery , or dead battery

Why is there no electrical power on 1997 Crown Victoria?

Bad battery cable connection or dead battery

1997 Ford Mustang has no electrical power?

bad battery cable connection , dead battery

How do you change a battery on a 1999 Mazda Protege?

You disconnect the power and ground and take the old battery out n put in a new one.

What causes a 1989 Ford F150 to have no electrical power?

dead battery , poor cable connection to battery

Where exactly is the headlight power supply on a 1998 Dodge Dakota?

The power supply for everything electrical is the Battery. The alternator keeps the battery charged.

Why battery is required in UPS?

In an uninterrupted power supply there has to be a source of power when the electrical utility is not there. The only supply that is available is a battery that is in or connected to the UPS.

Primary source of electrical power to start piston engine?


What kind of power does a lithium battery give off?

Electrical energy

Can you store electric power?

Yes, a battery is an electrical storage device.

With what kind of energy does a battery power a camera?

Chemical and electrical energy are used. They power a camera.

Why did alessandro invent the battery?

Alessandro invented the battery because he had been a scientist. He studied electrical power. In th 1800, he invented the battery just to make electrical equitment eaxier to handle

If i install a battery disconnect on my 98 jeep wrangler will i have to go through the learning process with the PCM every time i disconnect the power?

Yes, the Pcm memory will be cleared with each disconnect.

Is it ok to change the battery on a 2001 dodge ram 2500 and disconnect the power supply?