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I own a 1998 tracker and the guy at the dealership showed us to pull the emergency brake up just a notch or two from the release position and they will go off and supposedly it's not wearing on your brakes. Try it and see. I always drive with my lights on anyway.

You don't want to pull up on the ebrake,i own a 2003 and on the dash rihgt side this is little disc shape cover pry it up and disconnect the sensor that's for automatic lights. under the dash there is a plug near the console . Go to Google and do a search "how to disable DRl lights" That's where i found it


I did the E-Brake trick and it worked, until I did my rear brakes. Even the one notch ended up to be too tight and would drag. I deliver newspapers and drive on the wrong side of the road so turning off the lights is absolutely necessary to avoid confusing drunk, sleepy, or elderly drivers. Without turning off my headlights, they try to go to my left, and almost drive into the ditch.

Here is what I have done: Remove the daylight sensor from on top of the dash, on the passenger side. It just pops out and disconnect the sensor from the cable. Next, disassemble the center console. There are just a few screws, and it lifts up and off the shifter. Remove the power connector for the Aux jack. Now I took a jumper wire with alligator jacks on both ends, and grounded the emergency brake sensor. This tricks the computer into thinking you've pulled the lever. Just route the jumper wire to avoid interference with anything, and use micro zip-ties to hold it in place if necessary. I personally used a very heavy gauge solid strand jumper wire, which was very short. I just bent it into shape and it hasn't moved. Now reassemble your console. Your BRAKE light will stay on, but there are no other ill effects. I have also passed NYS inspection without having to disconnect the jumper wire, so you should be good there, also.

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Q: How do you disconnect the daytime running lights on your Chevy Tracker?
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