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Are you trying to kill someone?

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Q: How do you disconnect the front passenger airbag on a 2000 Golf Mk4 please?
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How do you disconnect the passenger airbag switch on a 97 Chevy truck?

insert ignition key into passenger airbag slot on the front dash and turn to off

How do you remove passenger side airbag on 2003 blazer?

To remove the passenger side airbag on a 2003 Blazer, look inside the glove box for the bolts that must be undone, take these bolts out. You will also have to disconnect the vehicle's battery, and disconnect the wiring that goes to the airbag from underneath the dashboard. You will have to remove the front speaker and use a socket to remove the one screw that you see. The other screw can be found by removing the dashboard.

Does a 1997 ford E-350 van have a passenger side airbag?

Yes , the owners manual shows that it has an airbag for the right front passenger in the dash

If you must drive with a child in the front seat and the car is equiped with an airbag?

You need to disable the passenger side airbag.

Is there an airbag in the passenger seat of a 1998 BMW z3?

No, it's not in the seat, it's in the dashboard in front of the passenger.

What is a front passenger airbag cut-off switch?

A passenger air bag can be dangerous for a kid in a child seat. The cut off switch allows the airbag to be temporarily disconnected for the safety of a child passenger.

Can i turn off my front passenger airbag on a 3 door 51 plate ford focus?

The Ford focus does not come equipped with a passenger airbag on off switch. The airbag will not engage unless certain weight requirements are met.

How do you remove passenger airbag civic?

push in sides oh glove box to allow glove box to drop. once dropped, remove 3 screws attached to front of airbag module. one screws removed, take off lower dash to locate passenger airbag wire harness. it is located next to the central lighter. Disconnect yellow passenger airbag. Pry off top of platic airbag cover, may take a little force. Once plastic is taken off and airbag is d-connected, Airbag should lift straight up and out. dont give up its a beyotch.

Where is the airbag module 97 jeep wrangler?

Driver's airbag module - on steering wheel. Passenger airbag module - dashboard, right side. Airbag control module - under center console in front of the gear shifter. Please remove the battery connections and wait AT LEAST 30 minutes before touching anything.

What do you do if you have a child in the front seat and there is airbags?

Disable the passenger-size airbag. If there is no way to disable the passenger airbag, the only safe thing is to belt them in the back seat -- which is safer, and required by law in most states anyway.

What is the purpose of a airbag?

To protect driver and/or passenger from going through windshield in the event of a front end crash

How do you keep the front passenger airbag from deploying when removing the dash panel in a 95 Tercel?


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