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Q: How do you disconnect the tran lock on removing the key when turning off the engine?
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What is Hyper lock on an engine?

If you mean "hydro lock", that is when coolant enters the combustion chamber and prevents the engine from turning (water doesn't compress)

How do you disconnect alarm on 94 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

turning key in the door lock should disengage the alarm

How do you bleed hydraulic steering on a kioti tractor?

It should bleed its self when turning lock to lock while engine is running.

In an emergency situation such as a runaway engine or a jammed gas pedal turning the ignition switch to lock will?


How do you lock engine on a car with automatic transmission?

Not sure what your doing but you can use a strap wrench around the bottom pulley to hold the crank from turning.

Why can you remove the ignition key from a 1998 Eclipse without turning off engine?

The key and the ignition lock are badly worn. Try a different key if it doesn't fix it you need to replace the ignition lock.

93 lexusES300 how to find out if engine lock?

you look if the owner out a lock on the engine

How do you disconnect the automatic system that locks the doors after turning the vehicle on in a 1994 Honda Civic DX?

Auto door locks is a safety feature designed among other things to help you not get car jacked, it is tied into the security system so removing the security system fuse will disable it but will also disable the remote door lock feature.

How do you get a toothpick out of a lock?

Either with specialized tools available to locksmiths or by dismantling the lock and removing the obstruction.

How do you disconnect anti lock brakes on Oldsmobile intrigue?

pull the fuse

What is engine lock up?

When the engine can no longer rotate.

Will anti lock light on prevent car from turning off?


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